10 Ways The iPhone 6 NFC Will Change Printing Forever

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Top 10 Uses for NFC On The iPhone 6 that Will Make Signage More Powerful for Brands

Near Field Communications (NFC) has been around for a while in smartphones.  In fact, some Android and other phones have been offering NFC capability for over 3 years. There are already over 200 different NFC enabled phones on the market. It might seem like a case of Apple coming late to the party with the introduction of NFC on the iPhone 6, but it’s really much more important to the market than all of the other NFC introductions combined.

Apple with the NFC iPhone 6 will again provide leadership and ubiquity  

Remember in 2008 when 3G was such a big deal that Apple named its new iPhone the iPhone 3?  Before the Apple iPhone 3 sending videos, pictures or maybe even a song over mobile networks was crude at best before it disrupted the market and changed forever the standard for mobile connectivity. It forced carriers to step up their game. Good enough would never be good enough again.  The advanced new potential for connected mobile computing unleashed by the iPhone 3 meant users would go with whichever carrier could move the most data the fastest.  The competition has yet to cease.

Now, a different kind of network has stagnated. Despite the proliferation of mobile payments companies, from startups like Square to a mobile-revamped PayPal, credit cards remain the standard for paying in-person and online.  Apple, with the introduction of iPhone 6 is again positioned to be the market alteration king in both mobile payments and the entire internet of things with NFC.

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The iPhone 6 will create the perfect storm for NFC enabled signage

40 Visuals, a signage company that is a leader in providing signage for the retail environment, has been working on signage applications to leverage mobile engagement for more powerful signage for years now. QR codes, image recognition, Augmented Reality, text-in campaigns and NFC applications have been evolving as mobile engagement gateways for printed signage. 40 Visuals believes that NFC on the iPhone 6 will provide the perfect storm once again to make signage smarter and provide more value to brands, retailers, marketers and their customers. With NFC, collecting data and engaging customers on their mobile devices will now be virtually friction free and will pave the path to more incremental sales.

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Top 10 utilizations of NFC attached to signage in the retail environment  

By attaching an NFC tag to signage, customers can easily engage with a brand or retailer by simply tapping a sign with their smartphone.  Below is a list of some of the most popular engagements that users can do with NFC.  

1) Introduce rewards and loyalty programs.

NFC tags and signs can be programmed to introduce loyalty programs to a brand or retail store’s customers. Provide extra rewards for shopping in store and encourage more visits.

2) Provide exclusive offers and mobile coupons.

Upon entry to a retail environment, a customer can tap signage that puts coupons and exclusive offers on a customer’s mobile device that can be redeemed at store check out.

3) Enable device pairing.

Program tags and signage that will make it easy for customers to pair with store WiFi, engage witdigital signage or connect to iBeacons.

4) Access to more product information.

Provide easy access to mobile videos, webpages, product reviews, pricing and comparative products. 

5) Social Interaction. 

Provide special tweets and offer a feedback channel.

6) Download a mobile app

Make it effortless to download a brand or retailer mobile app.

7) Generate / send a text 

Help customers generate and send a text about your brand or products.

8) Follow a store or brand

With just a tap of their phone, your customer can follow you on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

9) Easy contact – text, email or phone

Make it easy for customers to reach you by generating a text, creating and email or provide a tap to call engagement.

10) Quick purchase.

Provide a direct portal to a pre-filled shopping cart that makes a purchase quick and simple.  Customers can buy from retailers or brands within seconds.

The iPhone 6 with NFC is about to change the way marketers think about how to engage their customers.   Mobile payments may be the driving force for Apple to finally add the tiny NFC chip to their phones, but marketers and use this new ubiquity to change the retail engagement forever.

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