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SEG Fabric Printing by 40 VISUALS Featured in Big Picture Magazine

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<h2>Divine Flooring uses SEG Fabric to Enhance Showroom</h2><p>This month we were featured in <a href=”″>Big Picture Magazine</a> for our work with Divine Flooring, an award-winning designer flooring company dedicated to revealing the stunning beauty of natural wood.</p><p>For the project, we produced 5 large <a href=””>SEG fabric displays</a> to compliment their new showroom in Vancouver.  SEG is short for <a href=””>Silicone Edge Graphics</a>, which is a printed fabric graphic with a thin silicone beading sewn neatly around the edges that fits into a frame.  <yoastmark class=’yoast-text-mark’>Once the fabric is completely inserted into the frame it has a smooth appearance that modern brands love.</yoastmark>  This was the perfect solution for Divine Flooring.</p><p><yoastmark class=’yoast-text-mark’>We are excited about being recognized for this project because Big Picture Magazine is one of the leading resources for the wide format digital printing market.</yoastmark> They deliver coverage of the hottest printing products and technologies.</p><p> </p><p><strong>Details of what we produced:</strong></p><p>(2) 63″w x 108″h <a href=””>Backlit SEG Fabrics</a></p><p>(2) 63″w x 108″h SEG Lightboxes with Silver Finish</p><p>(2) 60″w x 94″h Backlit SEG Fabrics</p><p>(2) 60″w x 94″h <a href=””>SEG Lightboxes</a> with Silver Finish</p><p>(1) 174″w x 54″h  Backlit SEG Fabric</p><p>(1) 174″w x 54″h SEG Lightbox with Silver Finish</p><p> </p><p>

</p><p> </p><p><em>If you are interested in learning more about the <a href=””>SEG Fabric Printing</a> that was featured in Big Picture Magazine please give us a call at <strong>800-962-3119.</strong></em></p><p> </p><p> </p><p style=”text-align: center;”>Contact Us </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><div> </div>

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SEG Framed Fabric used by Alec Monopoly at Art Basel Event in Miami

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TAG Heuer kicked off Art Basel Miami at their boutique in the heart of the Miami Design District with an event that featured Brand Ambassador Alec Monopoly for the release of his limited edition Formula 1 Timepiece. The street artist from New York has been an ambassador for the brand since the summer of 2016. TAG Heuer is bringing modern art and a new style to target towards a younger audience.

In the words of CEO, Jean-Claude Biver, “Alec will be 360-degrees at TAG Heuer. He will be Art Provocateur, meaning that he will create art for the brand, he will be part of the visual decoration of the boutiques, he will participate in the creation of watches (limited editions or an Art Collection), he will be artist for the brand’s clients, he will be a public figure for the brand and he will be ambassador“.

For the event we produced (4) 6 ft. x 8 ft  SEG Fabric Graphics with Free-standing Fabric Frames which are showcased in the video below where Alec uses them as a canvas for his art. Enjoy!

At the event guests enjoyed a cocktail party and live performance while Alec spray painted the Fabric Graphics as well as straps for his new timepiece on stage.

Free standing  SEG Fabric Graphics are popular at events because of their portability and durability. If you are interested in learning more about how retailers are using SEG Fabric and Frames please give us a shout at 800-962-3119 or click the link below to be contacted.


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printed display sign signage fabric SEG printing tension stretch silicone edge graphics visuals merchandising marketing advertising in-store under armour

SEG Fabric Signs Make Fitness Look Easy at Under Armour Stores

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Silicone Edge Graphics Used for Fitness Motivation

Under Armour is an activewear brand know for apparel and accessories designed for fitness.  When you walk into an Under Armour store you can’t help but be inspired by the gigantic imagery featuring some of the world’s top athletes.  The concept of motivational graphics is not unique to clothing apparel stores; however, the combination of form and size are.

fabric sign signage frame SEG Silicone Edge visuals Under Armour store retail marketing advertising merchandising printed printing
signage SEG fabric tension stretch frame framing sign UnderArmour store retail visuals graphics printing printed marketing merchandising

What Is SEG Signage?

Under Armour is using SEG signage throughout their stores.  SEG is short for Silicone Edge Graphics.   This trending new form of signage is printed on a durable fabric material and then sewn around the edge with a thin silicone strip that fits into the framing system.  The large SEG graphics used by Under Armour can be folded up to fit in a small box for transportation, but once stretched into a frame, they give a smooth and taut appearance.

This is what makes SEG signage different for retailers like Under Armour.  In the past, shipping and installing large sizes of imagery in a retail store was a monumental and expensive task.  Now with SEG, store employees can easily take on the responsibility of changing out this size of signage before each season.

signage backlit fabric SEG printing printer frame frames lightboxes visuals graphics advertising marketing tension fabric store retail sign print merchandiser silicone edge graphic
sign signage print printing backlit lightbox light boxes duratrans fabric stretch tension visuals merchandising silicone edge graphic retail

SEG fabric signage is easy to install in the frames and doesn't get damaged, it's a really fast way to change the store's appearance. The visual difference is dramatic!

Store Employee Under Armour

SEG has changed the way we think about the possibilities of printed signage.

Casey FordCEO - 40 VISUALS
backlit duratrans fabric lightbox frames framing sign signage light box LED visual merchandising printer printing tension stretch dye-sub graphic graphics
signage sign printed print fabric visual merchandising silicone edge graphic marketing Under Armour retail store tension stretch frame framing

SEG Signage is Easy For Retailers

Many retailers are starting to incorporate SEG Fabric Signs in their visual merchandising strategy but we haven’t seen any use is it quite as effectivley as Under Armour.  

Every Under Armour store uses a combination of printed backlit SEG with frameless light boxes as well as standard non-lit fabric.  The sizes and applications used throughout the store dramatically showcase the diversity in merchandise. 

Each section of the store has a different visual theme based around the products in that department.  The enormous presences of imagery printed on SEG fabric with world class athletes such as Misty Copeland, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Jordan Spieth and Steph Curry provide a big impact.   You can’t help but be inspired. 

SEG fabric graphics visuals signage sign frames stretch tension marketing advertising
SEG silicone edge graphics printed printing signage sign tension fabric stretch printed print
fabric lightbox backlit sign signage print printing SEG silicone edge graphics visuals merchandising Under Armour store retail LED light box duratrans quality cheap best
printed fabric signage frames framing graphics visuals retail store sign tension silicone edge display displays backlit duratrans lightbox light box
backlit fabric light box LED tension stretch frame frames duratrans under armour retail stores visuals graphics printing printer merchandising
signage sign backlit duratrans fabric lightbox frame framing visual graphics print printing printer SEG silicone edge graphics

40 VISUALS did not produce the SEG fabric signage that is being used by Under Armour stores but are printing leaders in the category. If you are interested in learning more about SEG please give us a call at 800-962-3119 to discuss your next signage project. 

Standing SEG Fabric Frames signage SEG fabric printing frame frames visuals graphics free-standing tension stretch dye-sub printer retail marketing advertising sign

Standing SEG Fabric Frames for Zenith at Couture Jewelry Show

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Standing SEG Fabric Frames SEG fabric printing frames frame standing signage graphics visuals Couture tradeshow sign stretch tension
Standing SEG Fabric Frames signage fabric printing frame frames graphics tension stretch sign standing free-standing Zenith luxury retail Couture print
We recently produced these 6ft X 8ft. Standing SEG Fabric Frames with SEG tension fabric graphics for Zenith Watch to use at Couture Jewelry Show 2017.
Free-standing fabric graphics are popular in trade show settings because of their portability and durability. If you are interested in learning more about SEG frames and fabric graphics please click the link below to contact us!


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signage visuals authentic imagery branding istock shutterstock getty images pictures graphics

Visual Guide to Authentic Imagery For Brands

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According to a recently published guide by stock photography provider,  iStock / Getty Images, consumers value authentic imagery from brands now more than ever. The visual guide below highlights what consumers are looking for in branded imagery and the importance of authenticity. Click the link to view the entire guide. Enjoy!


View Guide


If you would like to learn more about imagery and branding please call 800.962.3119 to speak with one of our creative professionals.

Backlit SEG Fabric Backlit- Soft Signage- SEG- Printed Fabric- Light Box

Backlit SEG Signage for Grand Valley State University Technology Center

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Backlit SEG Fabric SEG LED Light box foresight signage
Backlit SEG Fabric SEG Soft Signage Backlit light box Printed Fabric
Backlit SEG Fabric University Signage backlit Fabric display
Backlit SEG Fabric signage backlit fabric SEG frameless edgeless LED University signage stretch fabric tension silicone edge graphics

Grand Valley State University displayed a 14’ x 2’ foot frameless light box and Backlit SEG Fabric graphic in the Atomic Object Technology Showcase.

The Showcase is an immersive and hands on tech lab at GVSU enhancing teaching and learning for students. The size and shape of the new graphic creates outstanding visual interest in the space.

The project was inspired by the soft signage and SEG frames being used by Apple stores around the country. The director of the Technology showcase, Eric Kunnen, chose to go with the horizontal format to make a profound visual impact. The results were stunning.

If you are interested in a project like this please give us a call, 800-962-3119.

fabric prnting SEG signage lightbox Daniel Wellingting jewelry retail silicone edge graphics tension fabric sign wall display

Backlit SEG Signage Shines in NYC Pop-Up Shop

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SEG signage printing dye-sub lightbox light box stretch fabric duratrans graphics design
signage backlit fabric SEG frameless edgeless LED pop-up store shopping stretch fabric tension silicone edge graphics
SEG lightbox pop-up shop backlit signage printing fabric graphics design pop-up store retail sign duratrans LED lighting dyesub
retail signage backlit SEG stretch tension fabric printing light box frameless edgeless large format duratrans

NYC Pop-Up Shop Lights Up Using Backlit SEG Signage 

The watch brand, Daniel Wellington, recently installed a large Backlit SEG Signage in their pop-up store at 444 Broome St. in NYC. The new signage was used to promote their new advertising campaign featuring Kendall Jenner.

The 4′ x 8′ Frameless SEG Lightbox and Backlit Fabric Graphic were produced by 40 VISUALS , a leading supplier of printed SEG Fabric in the U.S. for brands and retailers.

More Brands and Retailers are choosing backlit SEG, short for Silicone Edge Graphics over traditional backlit signage applications. This is because of its easy handling and shipping economy.  Retailers such as Apple, Macy’sTopshop, and others are all using large Backlit SEG Signage applications like this and seeing great advantages.

If you are interested in producing large SEG backlit signage for a store or event, please contact us at 800-962-3119 to get started! 

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Gallery Walls Large Fine Art Printing

Fine Art Printing for Photography Exhibit at Hope College De Pree Art Center

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The walls have eyes – large fine art printing creates an ominous viewing experience.

Local photographer Tom Wagner approached 40 VISUALS for our fine art printing capabilities to fill large spaces for an exhibit at the Hope College De Pree Art Center in nearby Holland, MI.  Wagner, currently based in West Michigan has worked in over 35 countries for magazines and Fortune 500 corporations in portraiture, news, and stories covering people and events ranging from factories to A-list celebrities.

The current exhibit titled “No Motherland without You: Images of North Korea” features fine art prints from the estimated 5,000 photograhs he has taken in North Korea over the last decades. The show centers around the act of watching, looking, and being watched.

Backlit Fine Art Printing Duratran Transparency Art Gallery Exhibit
Light box Backlit Duratran Transparency Fine Art Printing
Fine Art Printing

Fine Art Printing That Comes to Life

The goal was to captivate viewers by displaying fine art prints on a larger than life scale. After exploring many options, printing on our professional Photo Poster paper and mounting to lightweight but sturdy 1/2″ thick Ultra Board at 60″ wide by 40″ high was the best solution. This process allowed Wagner’s prints to be presented with high definition detail photographic detail to capture viewers, even at a distance.  The large scale fine art prints filled the gallery walls with the ominous feeling of being watched while visitors view the smaller scale photographs also on display.

In addition to the large Photo Poster prints, 40 Visuals also provided a backlit Duratran Transparency print. The massive 8′ wide x 4′ high print consists of thousands of small film slides. When backlit they look like surveillance screens. Wagner and DePree Art Gallery staff worked to create a backlit lightbox structure to illuminate the print.

Both the large Poster Prints and the Duratran creates a stunning visual display that enhances the experience of gallery viewers.

If you have an exhibit or project where you need help with signage, please give us a call at 800-962-3119, and one of our experienced team members will be happy to give you recommendations.

window signage ultra clear cling adhesive transparent applications

Window Signage Displays Featured on New TV Series “Window Warriors”

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The Game Show Network aired its first season of a new TV Series, “Window Warriors”.

The series showcases eight of the country’s most talented window merchandising designers competing  to build intricate and elaborate retail window signage displays while striving for the favor of the judges – Carson Kressley (“DWTS,” “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy”), style influencer Tai Beauchamp, and Douglas Little a master of visual merchandising.

Each week the contestants are given a new design theme and marketing materials representing a major brand. Throughout the show the contestants rely greatly on wide format printers and vinyl cutters to produce amazing retail displays and Window Signage Displays.  With the help of the high-tech machines, the participants were able to create eye-catching backdrops and detailed graphic displays for their retail signage challenges.

Retail Signage Window Displays Time Square New York
SEG Fabric Retail Store Front Window Display
Retail Window Signage Displays
signage rollout Printed Plexiglass Stand

Bobby’s Burger Palace Executes Nationwide Signage Rollout

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Signage Rollout for Restaurant Chain

Bobby’s Burger Palace, a group of fast causal restaurants featuring an array of burgers inspired by chef Bobby Flay, contracted 40 VISUALS to print signage imagery for all 18 of their restaurants.  Each location received between six and twelve 48″ x 48″ Printed Plexiglass panels with six standoff pucks showcasing images of Bobby Flay as well as various quotes that supported the message of their branding.  Locations also received frosted adhesive vinyl installed on window glass in the vestibule areas.

Bobby’s needed to replace existing signage, currently printed as canvas wraps, at all eighteen restaurant locations across the country.  During the initial stage of the project, we sent them a round of printed material samples using their artwork allowing them to determine which aesthetic best represented their brand.

signage rollout Printed Plexiglass Signage Installation Rollout Retail Graphics
signage rollout Printed Frosted Adhesive Vinyl for vesitbule area on Window Glass Installation Retail signage rollout

Bobby’s Burger Palace Executes Nationwide Signage Rollout

They were looking for a product that had a double sided semi transparent appearance that would allow light to still pass through, but not completely block it so frosted adhesive vinyl was the best option.  Frosted adhesive vinyl was installed at the majority of locations on the window glass in the vestibule areas.  To obtain this look the customer provided a sample material to match.  They were looking for a product that had a double sided semi transparent appearance that would allow light to still pass through, but not completely block it.  Frosted adhesive vinyl is a low tac material that can be installed 1st or 2nd surface.

Signage Installation for Each Restaurant

40 VISUALS provided installation management from beginning to end.  To ensure flawless final results, we installed and managed the signage installations at all of the eighteen locations.  Helping to trouble shoot any issues that arose such as: security locks, discrepancies of size and layout, aesthetic preferences.

If you are a brand or retailer looking to coordinate a Nationwide Signage Rollout from start to finish, we have lots of experience.  Please contact us so we can get an idea of the scope of your project.

Printed Frosted Adhesive Vinyl Window Graphics Restuarant Signage Rollout