Duratrans Transparency

Backlit Printing For Light Box Displays



Duratrans Transparency Film can be used in any light box that illuminates the graphic from behind. Our backlit transparency media can be printed up to 86” in width with unlimited length in a single sheet. Duratrans Transparencies can be customized to fit your project’s needs, whether large or small. Our back-lit film is a premium, high-quality media intended for maximum image performance. The 8 mil, front-print, polyester transparency film has an ultra absorbent coating that is designed to produce the best black density and color vibrancy. The ink absorption capabilities for this transparency media offer a color-saturated visual experience that is absolutely vibrant.

Duratrans duratran transparency film backlit light box aluminum framing system
Duratrans duratran transparency film backlit light box aluminum framing system

UV Protected

Our Backlit Film is printed with UV ink
and specialized water-resistant coating.

Easy  Installation

Duratrans Transparency is easy to install
with our snap frame LED light boxes.

Laminated Option

This illuminated film comes with a laminated option
so it can be used for outdoor applications.

Double sided LED Light Box With Duratran Transparency
Duratran Backlit Transparency
Backlit Duratran Signage

Send Files

Want to turn a photograph or artwork into a high-quality premium backlit Duratrans? Well, you can start by sending your imagery through our We Transfer or select any of our high-resolution graphics from our Image Gallery.


Every graphic printed by 40 VISUALS needs to be approved by you, the client. Once our graphic team has prepped the file for print, they will send over a digital proof of the layout that will need to be approved before it is printed.

Prints Fast

When you work with 40 VISUALS you can expect the best, whether you are referring to quality, turn around time or customer service. Most graphics will be printed within 24 to 48 hours of being approved.

Vivid Colors

Our premium Duratrans Transparency backlit film produces incredibly deep blacks and vibrant colors, that are second to none. The amazing image quality that can be produced on our backlit film will stand out with or without the back lighting.