Frameless LED Light Box

For Silicone Edge Backlit Fabric Displays

SEG Fabric Light Box

Frameless SEG Light Box for Backlit Fabric

Frameless LED Light Boxes using Backlit Fabric are different than traditional light boxes, where the graphic is snapped into place with a frame. To achieve the frameless appearance, the edges of the graphic are sewn with a silicone beading that tucks into the perimeter of the light box extrusion to display a taut, smooth graphic face. This application is growing in popularity and even seen in retail environments such as H&M. They can fabricated in virtually any size, the bigger the better. Easy to assemble and change graphics, Frameless Light Boxes offer a solid alternative to snap frame light boxes, especially in larger sizes.

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•  Slim yet sturdy 4.75″ profile
•  Perimeter LED strip lighting positioned at back to avoid hot spots
•  Highest wattage allowed within UL Listed code
•  Powder coated white enclosure increases light reflectivity
•  Fabric backer prevents light leaks
•  2 year warranty
•  Pre-drilled with wall mounting hardware


•  Double Sided sturdy 8″ profile, ideal for freestanding use
•  Perimeter LED strip lighting positioned at back to avoid hot spots
•  Highest wattage allowed within UL Listed code
•  Powder coated white enclosure increases light reflectivity
•  2 year warranty
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Easy Assembly

SEG Light Box assembly is quick and easy. The corners are assembled using simple connector brackets and an allen wrench which are included in the packaging. Instructions and support are provided if there are any questions during assembly.

Stylish Appearance

Unlike traditional light boxes, this light box has a streamlined frameless look. The look is achieved by using backlit fabric that is sewn along the edges with a silicone beading. The fabric is stretched taut over the extrusion and the silicon beading is placed into the channel groves along the outer edge of the display.

Even Illumination

One thing you won’t be getting with a Frameless Light Box is uneven illumination. No matter the size, you will have consistent LED lighting from corner to corner. The frame design guarantees that illumination will be dispersed evenly across the fabric graphic. You won’t have to worry about shadowy centers or banding.

Custom Options

Frameless Light Boxes can be custom built in virtually any size under 10 feet. They are the best option large size displays up to 10 feet. Double-sided options are also available. There is one standard finish, silver, and custom powder coat options are available to match any color.

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Frameless light boxes are flat-packed for easy and economical shipping. The LED lights in a frameless light box use  80% less power than conventional lighting, all without compromising light quality. To reuse the light box just replace the current graphic.


Frameless light boxes are made from a lightweight recycled aluminum. Each light box is very easy to dismantle, and can be done in just a couple of minutes. This makes it great for trade shows, events or relocating. Despite  the size of these light boxes, they can be stored in very small spaces.

Visual Impact

The graphics printed for the frameless light box provide a rich, vibrant color quality that is second to none. Printed on a premium Backlit Fabric media with enhanced image resolution technology ensures true color and density for a quality that is unmatched in backlit fabric signage.

Disassembly and Transportation

Frameless Light Boxes are very easy to assemble and disassemble, making them convenient to transport. There are only a few steps needed to assemble a Frameless Light Box. First, the sturdy aluminium frame is constructed using a simple connector system that fasten the sides together. The LED light modules then slide into the side grooves and tighten using screws and an Allen wrench. Lastly, the backlit fabric is stretched taught and tucked into the frame’s groove. Easy as that!

SEG Light Box Profiles

The light box extrusions come in lengths of 10 feet, and can be joined together for larger applications. The single sided option has a 4.75″ exterior profile, and that profile can also be used as a double-sided option.  Each option comes with LED light modules placed around the perimeter, to provide even corner-to-corner illumination, without dark spots.

Frameless light boxes have the option to either be wall mounted, ceiling suspended, or free-standing. For the free-standing option, light boxes will require heavy duty feet to provide stability. These feet measure 6″ in width, 18″ in length, and only 1/8″ in thickness. This thin profile allows for the light box to take up less space.