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Products for Interactive NFC Signage

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NFC Enabled Printed Signage

NFC is short for Near Field Communication, which is a form of RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) technology that allows digital information to be transferred at short distances through electromagnetic radio fields. NFC tags are small antennas with a microchip that stores data. They can be programmed with mobile information such as a web link, and transmitted by simply touching an NFC enabled device to the tag. When integrated into printed signage, it allows for shoppers (with compatible devices) to tap NFC enabled signage displays with their mobile device to initiate interaction. This incentives can include downloading an app, opening a mobile website, making a purchase, social sharing, collecting coupons, signing into Wi-Fi and much more.

With this process in mind, the role of printed signage is evolving from one-way static imagery, to a dynamic digital gateway that promotes a mobile exchange with shoppers. This lets brands and stores strategically combine digital content with in-store printed signage and measure print engagement in a whole new way.

40 Visuals offers a range of NFC products that can be integrated and tracked with any of our printed signage medias including posters, duratrans, window vinyls, clings, counter signs, banner stands and more.


Print signage is exponentially easier to engage with for shoppers using NFC enabled devices. Unlike scanning a QR code, a simple touch of the phone to an NFC target is all it takes. This means printed signage becomes a real world call-to-action for mobile interaction.

Deliver Value

Mobile transactions that augment the shopping experience and connect with the printed message is what makes NFC signage so powerful. Let us help you build mobile content for NFC marketing that provides shoppers a seamless experience from print to palm.


Analytics are a key part of driving marketing campaigns. Printed Signage has always been a challenge to measure effectiveness, but now with NFC, brands can use signage to collect data from shoppers to help make future marketing decisions and track signage success.

Products for Printed NFC Signage

NFC Smart Poster

NFC Smart Poster

High quality photo paper laminated with an embedded NFC tag. Send us artwork or let us help you design it.

duratrans transparency backlit NFC light box

NFC Duratrans Transparency

Premium backlit film for light boxes, printed and laminated with NFC tags. Available in any size.

NFC Adhesive Window Decal

NFC Window Decal

Weatherproof  adhesive backed vinyl decal for storefront glass windows that is embedded with NFC tags.

NFC Double Sided Advertising Tower

Double-Sided NFC Advertising Stand

The NFC Ad Stand is a sturdy double-sided display that measures 70″ tall and can withstand high traffic areas.

NFC Counter Sign with replaceable graphics

Acrylic Plexiglass NFC Counter Sign

Clear acrylic NFC counter sign with replaceable NFC poster available in 3 sizes.

Counter Mat with NFC Tag

NFC Counter Mat

NFC signage option for tables that has a non-slip backing and magnetic polycarbonate sheet to protect the graphic.


NFC Stickers and Blank Tags

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Custom Printed NFC Stickers

Use branded artwork or let us design your printed NFC stickers. The tags include an Ntag203 chip by NXP and are compatible with all NFC enabled devices including iPhone 6. These custom printed NFC stickers come in 40mm and 50mm diameter.

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Generic Printed NFC Stickers

Pre-printed NFC tags with a generic call-to-action symbol that can be used anywhere to announce NFC compatibility. The tags have an Ntag203 chip from NXP embedded into the back of the tag. These tags are compatible with all NFC devices and come in the standard size of 50mm diameter.

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Blank NFC Sticker Rolls

Blank NFC Stickers are mostly used behind pre-printed signage.  Placement can include smart poster signs and counter displays. These stickers are equipped with Ntag203 chips and are compatible with all NFC enabled devices including iPhone 6.

– Open a Web Page

– Check-in

– Map Locations

– Make a Phone Call

– Send a Text Message

– Share Products

– Update a Social Status

– Tweet a Status

– Collect Rewards

– Redeem Coupons

– Follow a Brand or Store

– Download an app

Mobile Interactive Print

Now that print signage is a new for of digital gateway used to engage shoppers on the mobile web inside the retail store, brands must deliver value in exchange for the transaction. Today’s shoppers demand instant gratification, and with the growing number of advertising images seen everyday, they will expect relevant digital content that offers value in return.

NFC mobile technology has enhanced the way shoppers interact with retail signage and the possibilities for brands are endless. Brands and stores are now able to attach valuable mobile content to their printed signage and track its effectiveness. Shoppers can simply touch their phone to the NFC hot spot located on the advertisement and instantly open a world of new opportunities to connect.


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