Adhesive Backed Vinyl

Adhesive Backed Vinyl for Outside Glass and Windows.

Adhesive Vinyl Window Wrap

Adhesive Vinyl is applied to smooth surfaces such as glass windows, mirrors and walls. This premium white vinyl wrap material is 100% weather proof to preserve colors, by being UV protected and water resistant. The backing of the vinyl is a peel-off paper liner that exposes the adhesive when removed. Installing Adhesive Vinyl is very easy to do and once applied to a clean glass surface with water, the vinyl conforms smoothly to the window when the water bubbles are squeegeed out. We recommend using our installation service with larger Adhesive Vinyl signage visuals.

Window graphics provide a great way for companies to utilize their storefront windows in creative ways for promotional advertising. This application is a popular method that is sure to draw attention and can generate increased store traffic. Specific applications for Adhesive Vinyl include: interior glass, exterior windows, glass mirrors and glass display cases. Adhesive Vinyl is a solid option for smooth window signage.


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Hides Visibility

Adhesive Vinyl is a solid media that blocks visibility inside, that would normally be granted through a window or other see-through surfaces. This is a great option to cover up construction, office windows or any other room that would demand privacy.

Weather Resistant

Our Adhesive Vinyl will keep its printed colors true, no matter the weather conditions. This is because Adhesive Vinyl is UV protected and water resistant. Be reassured that your graphics will stay vibrant and maintain that new look.

Eye Catching

Window applications such as Adhesive Vinyl provide a great way to get your customers’ attention. Adhesive Vinyl utilizes your window space with striking imagery, whether that is a storefront window, mirror or any other glass application.

Easy to Remove

Adhesive Vinyl’s low tack, removable pressure-sensitive adhesive bonds well to smooth non-tinted glass surfaces while removing cleanly. This makes for easy removal without any leftover residue to clean up.



Another option that is very similar to Adhesive Window Vinyl is Perforated Adhesive Window Vinyl. Unlike Adhesive Vinyl, Perforated Vinyl gives a one-way visibility to customers inside your store, while still maintaining a bright, vibrant graphic for the outside world. This one-way visibility is possible because of the mesh pattern. This pattern is at a 70/30 ratio, meaning that 70% is solid, while 30% of the graphic is perforated with tiny holes. This ratio allows for the highest resolution image while still giving that one-way visibility.

If you are interested in either Adhesive Vinyl or Perforated Vinyl, give Peter or Andrea a call at 800-962-3119 and they will help you pick the right media for your store.