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Edgeless LED Light Frame large backlit fabric textile signage sign retail tension graphics store foot Locker

SEG Fabric Signage with Light Boxes at Foot Locker

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Signage at Foot Locker Stores

Foot Locker stores are known to have an asthetic energy all of their own. Not only do they promote an active lifestyle, they use iconic athletes to endorse their products. This combination demands engaging signage that connects with shoppers. To do this, they used large SEG Fabric Signage in stores that can’t go unnoticed.

SEG, short for Silicone Edge Graphics, is usually printed on a fabric material with a thin silicone beading sewn around the edges. Ideal for larger size signage, the silicone beading fits in the channel of the frame around the perimeter. Once installed, the SEG fabric graphic has a taut, smooth appearance that’s ideal for retail signage displays.

The other benefit of SEG Fabric Signage is that the graphics don’t get damaged. With so much traffic in the store, they can’t use signage that will easily get worn. Fabric is an awesome alternative to traditional paper based signs for this reason. Also, the fabric prints are easy to change from the frames. So easy in fact, that store employees can change the graphics for each season without risking damage.

tension SEG backlit large display LED frames framing prints printing
fabric printing sign signage displays backlit silicone edge graphics
Light Box LED

For the Foot Locker store at Times Square in NYC, they chose Frameless SEG Light Boxes with Backlit Fabric Prints to showcase their impactful imagery. Throughout the store the huge Light Box frames were everywhere, combined with colorful artwork featuring the world’s top athletes and products. The large graphics were bright and sharp, which was outstanding quality for fabric prints.

We did not produce the SEG Fabric signage at Foot Locker, but we do for many top brands and retailers. If you are interested in these displays please give us a shout at 800-962-3119 or click the link below to be connected by a signage expert. 


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Virtual Rush Adhesive Vinyl Wall Wrap In New York

Large Wall Wrap Vinyl for Virtual Reality Experience

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We recently collaborated with Pulseworks on a project to provide wall and window signage for Virtual Rush, a motion-based Virtual Reality simulator, in New York.  At this location, Virtual Rush 4D virtual reality simulates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission for locals and tourists. 

Pulseworks came to us with their ideas for the large immersive visuals on the windows and walls, and based on their needs, we provided them with different materials including Adhesive Back Vinyl and Invisa-view Perf Vinyl (Window Perf). 

We printed a total of 7 full visuals for the Virtual Rush project which will be a permanent VR simulator for the New York area. Of the 7 visuals, 5 displays were for the windows and 2 displays were for the walls. The window displays were up to 76”w x 98”h in size and the wall displays were up to 80”w x 114”h.

Wall Wrap Adhesive Vinyl can be used on any smooth surface such as windows, mirrors, and walls. Adhesive Vinyl is 100% weatherproof to preserve colors, by being UV protected and water-resistant. In the instance where there is not a smooth surface, we would recommend using the Rough Wrap or Mural Graphics as an alternative.

Adhesive Vinyl Wall Installation

Virtual Rush Adhesive Vinyl Wall Wrap Signage In New York.

We used Invisa-View Perforated Vinyl on the windows to work around building restrictions. Invisa-View Perf Vinyl is a 2nd surface application so the graphics could be installed from the inside. The term “2nd surface” means signage that’s applied to the inside of the glass, with the graphic facing outside. This is a common application for signage that’s applied to inside glass windows.

This project was completed on a Saturday morning for the convenience of the company ensuring they were able to be apart of the process and see the room come to life. We recommend using our installation service with larger Adhesive Vinyl signage visuals. We are able to install floor to ceiling installations any day of the week.

There are many possibilities for effective signage, but the challenges for each application need to be carefully considered before ordering. If you have a project where you need help with signage or have glass windows that you want to cover with engaging graphics, please give us a call at 800-962-3119, and one of our experienced team members will be happy to give you recommendations.

Printed Vinyl for Outdoor Brick Wall Mural

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Outdoor brick walls are boring and not often thought of as being an opportunity for large mural type signage. Painted wall murals are so cool, but way too difficult to manage. However, advanced vinyl printing technology allows for all of the same design possibilities of a painted mural, minus the hassle. 

At Foil Hair Salon, the side exterior of the building faces and busy road and is highly visible to people passing by. Foil wanted to use the wall space to make a statement to the community and provide customers with another wall to take photos of their finished hair. 

vinyl wrap brick walls outdoor textured mural wall painted print printed printing rough rap sign signage

They decided on a drip paint look with the quote “Life Over Likes” as a way to get people’s attention who drove by. The reaction has been a huge hit to say the least. 

“We get people honking as they drive by and others ask to take pictures against the wall, it has been a huge success in getting people talking.” Said Ross Ruiz, one of the owners.  

For the project we used an optically clear Vinyl for Brick Walls material that molds to brick when installed with heat. The finished result looks like the graphic was painted on the building rather than printed on vinyl. 

Printed vinyl for brick walls is gaining popularity now that it is so easy to produce and install. We recently completed a Brick Wrap Vinyl project for Krispy Kreme ,and notice retailers like Kiehls using Vinyl on Bricks also.

If you are interested in printed vinyl specifically for brick walls and textured surfaces, give us a shout at 800-962-3199 or click the link below to be contacted. 

Newly Installed Outdoor Brick Wall Mural Steals the Spotlight on Instagram

giant huge large extra oversized massive wall decor prints framing interior design

Oversized Wall Art Just Got Real

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Giant Wall Art Thats Starts The Conversation


BIG ( has launched their site selling Oversized Wall Art Prints, and they are far from traditional.

Printed on a high-tech polyester fabric using a dye-sublimation ink process, the colors and detail are stunning. Unlike canvas or poster paper though, the prints don’t scratch, tear or fade. The material is so durable in fact, it can even be folded up for storage and transportation.

This is not your grandfather’s wall art.

Commonly known as SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics), there is a thin silicone beading sewn around the edges of the print that fits into the front of the framing. Once inserted, the print stretches tight and has a perfectly flat appearance.

The process is so easy that prints can be removed and swapped from the frame in minutes, without the risk of damage.

The finished result looks like something you would see in a modern art gallery.

The sturdy aluminum framing lets the image do the talking with an edgeless design. The frame depths are available in ⅝, 1” ,  2” and 4” Light Box for jaw dropping backlit images with black, silver and white finishes. All frames are easy to assemble and disassemble for storage purposes.

gigantic huge large big biggest art design interior walls printing frames framing

Changing Oversized Wall Art Prints 

The problem with owning big printed wall art has been that the hardware is too cumbersome and the prints are delicate, so changing the print in the frame or moving with it is nearly impossible. Unless it’s an original painting, canvas and poster just don’t offer practical options for oversized wall art that won’t go stale. Because there is such a thing as stale wall art, something that’s been on your walls for too long and no longer reflects your taste.

Knowing that BIG artwork can be changed from the frame at any time relieves the long term commitment that most fear with big wall art. BIG encourages customers to “try-on” wall art/artists for awhile, see how they feel, and move on when they get bored. BIG makes change necessary.

Finally, huge wall art that’s easy to own.

(Curated for Creators)

BIG selects artists who use technology to enhance and express their art. Each artist thats featured on the site has their has a style that is uniquely their own.

For every sale made on BIG, the artist gets a share. By purchasing Wall Art from BIG you are rewarding the creative effort that made it. There is a digital signature from the artist on the bottom of each print as a badge to highlight the connection you’ve made with the artist.

Home is headquarters for your personal brand. What you put on your walls should mean something, a visual reminder of the creative powers of the universe. In an environment that fosters personal and family growth, wall art can have an extraordinary impact on life around you.

BIG has made it finally easy to own oversized Wall Art that impacts your daily life.

brick walls print exterior interior vinyl printing prints rough surfaces textured wrap sign signage paint graphics retail store

Vinyl Signage on Brick Walls at Kiehls

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Vinyl Signage for Exposed Brick Walls

We love exposed brick walls inside of retail stores. Why? They offer more of an inviting feeling to shoppers, and makes the store seem less threatening. But for brick walls and other textured surfaces, it can be hard to find signage options that compliment the texture of the wall rather than distract from it.

The other day we spotted Keihls using vinyl wrap signage on their exposed brick walls inside the store. We refer to this product as Rough Wrap or Mural Graphics, because the media is designed to look like paint after its installed on rough surfaces like brick.

The graphic on the brick wall at Keihls is molded into the brick using heat to that gives the appearance of a painted wall mural, minus the actual paint.

More and more retailers are using vinyl graphics on brick walls, inside and outside of the store. We recently completed a project for Krispy Kreme that used both interior and exterior Rough Wrap on the walls. The client was blown away at how much the graphics looked like paint.

If you have brick walls that you would like signage for please contact us at 800-962-3119 or fill out the form below. We’d love to help guide you into he right option for your walls.


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showrooms fabric SEG tension silicone edge graphics sign design retail storefronts interchangeable marketing advertising visual displays merchadising

Big Fabric Signage for Showrooms

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Showroom Signage is Gaining Importance

An alternative to traditional retail storefronts are product showrooms. As retail continues to evolve, promotional showrooms are more and more important to brand identity. Showrooms are intimate, more so than retail environments, and they can offer an immersive brand experience that’s unlike retail. In this case, smaller is better to stimulate the senses.

The visual appeal of a product showroom must speak to the heart of the customer. This can be a lofty expectation if you are building a showroom from scratch. From the displays to the lighting, every detail counts, especially signage.

Showroom Signage That Changes

In a recent project for the Bering Time showroom, we produced large SEG Fabric signage that is easy to change out. Bering Time is always looking to freshen up their look so Silicone Edge Graphics were the best option for this showroom.

Also referred to as SEG or tension fabric, this form of signage is the gaining popularity amongst brands and retailers that need to change their look often. Signage that features seasonal inspiration, new products, or celebrity ambassadors, usually requires a change after certain amount of time.

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) feature a thin silicone beading around the edges that fits into an understated framing system. The main advantage to SEG Fabric signage is the durability it offers when handling. Brands and retailers love SEG products because they can be folded without damage, but look rigid when installed in the framing.

Big Signage for Showrooms

Big signage gets the most response from customers. That’s why we produced some seriously large fabric graphics for the Bering Time showroom. They can’t help but be noticed! The sizes were 3ft. X 10ft. and 8ft. X 12ft. spread across the showroom. The result was a visually immersive environment that the client was thrilled with!

If you are looking enhance your product showroom with visually appealing signage please let us help. Give us a shout at 800-962-3119 or click the link below to be contacted by a showroom signage expert. 

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signage backlit fabric SEG frameless recessed wall printing sign banks credit unions

Wall-Recessed SEG Fabric Light Boxes for a Frameless Look

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Recessed Light Boxes To Sit Flush With The Wall

Back-lit signage is the best way to display large, eye-catching artwork in a retail environment. Today, the most popular form of back-lit signage is achieved with frameless SEG Fabric Light Boxes and Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG). In the past, retailers were using traditional snap frame light boxes with duratrans, but retailers like H&M, Apple and Under Armour are now moving to back-lit Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) in stores to engage shoppers.

One of the advantages of Silicone Edge Graphics, apart from the ease of changing out artwork, is the frameless look it exudes from the front. Since many of our customers want backlit signage that sits flush with the wall, we are often helping customers recess these light boxes into the wall so the hardware can’t be seen. SEG Light Boxes and Backlit Fabric is the best option if you wish to attain a flush, frameless look for back-lit signage.

Silicone Edge Graphic is often referred to as SEG. There are prints with a thin silicone beading sewn around the edge that fits in a special frame. Once the print is installed in the frame, it has a smooth, frameless appearance from the front.

As we work with stores to incorporate SEG Fabric Light Boxes into their visual presentation, there are many cases where the store prefers the light box to be recessed into the wall so the hardware is hidden. This involves cutting out a wall cavity for the light box to sit. While it may involve extra steps in the beginning, the recessed look is worth the extra effort.

Frameless recessed wall cavity back-lit printing SEG Silicone Edge Graphics tension stretch retail visual marketing
SEG frameless recessed backlit graphics signage store retail fabric
recessed wall signage backlit SEG fabric sign frameless visuals marketing retail stores
Fabric printing wall inset recessed frame LED lights SEG silicone edge graphics marketing retail sign signage dye sublimation

In a recent project for Adventure Credit Union in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we produced a 10ft. wide X 8ft. tall SEG Light Box and Back-lit Fabric graphic that was recessed into he wall. The final result was beautiful signage that had a flush, frameless look. Customers of the credit union are drawn to the large signage as it adds a visual presence to the already beautiful environment. The best part is that the back-lit fabric graphics are easy to change out of the light box so there is a different graphic for each season.

If you are looking for recessed wall signage using SEG Light Boxes and Silicone Edge Graphics Give us a shout at 800-962-3119.

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perforated vinyl windows signage interior glass see thru printing installation graphics

Window Perf Signage for Interior Glass

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Perforated Vinyl on Interior Glass Windows

Glass windows always have potential for large signage graphics, but the type of signage used depends on the window itself. There are several options for glass window signage because every window is different depending on the visibility.

For this project, we printed and installed large Perforated Vinyl (Window Perf) on the inside of the glass that overlooks the street on the University of Minnesota campus. Because the windows were elevated above the street, we chose a 2nd surface application so the graphics could be installed from the inside, making it easier. The term “2nd surface” means signage that’s applied to the inside of the glass, with the graphic facing outside. This is a common application for signage that’s applied to inside glass windows.

perforated vinyl windows glass interior inside see thru mesh adhesive
mesh vinyl perforated perf windows glass interior

Perforated Vinyl, often referred to as Window Perf, features tiny holes in a mesh-like pattern that makes it possible to see-thru the graphic from behind. The advantage to this media, over Solid Adhesive Vinyl, is that it doesn’t restrict the view facing out. So, you can still look out the window and see everything outside even though there is a graphic covering it.

Window Perf is available for both inside and outside applications (1st surface vs. 2nd surface) so depending on the window will determine which one to use. Window Perf for 1st surface applications has an adhesive backing and is applied to the outside of the glass, while 2nd surface Window Perf features adhesive strips on the top and bottom of the front of the graphic and applied to the inside of the glass.

Glass windows allow for many possibilities for effective signage, but the challenges for each application need to be carefully considered before ordering. If you have glass windows that you want to cover with engaging graphics, please contact at 800-962-3119 to help you choose the right application. 


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Fabric SEG silicone Edge Events Graphics free standing oversized huge printing sign signage events

Free-Standing Fabric Signage For Special Events

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Fabric Signage – The Best Option For Events

Free-standing fabric displays are a popular option as signage for special events. Fabric is known for its durability and portability, so it’s a common choice for temporary pop-up environments. Most venues won’t allow wall-hanging signage because they are short lived, and wall signage is more permanent. The advantage of fabric is that it can be folded and transported more easily than other traditional options.

For this event, we produced some large, free-standing SEG fabric displays that made a huge impact! The sizes we printed for the event were 4ft. X 8ft, 6ft. X 8ft. and 8ft X 12ft.

SEG is short for Silicone Edge Graphics, which has a thin silicone beading sewn around the edge of the fabric. When inserted in the frame, the fabric is stretched taut and has a smooth, rigid appearance.

The framing features metal feet at the bottom so they can stand on their own and also be double-sided. The fabric frames break down easily for shipping and transportation purposes, this makes SEG Fabric a great choice for signage at events.

silicone edge graphics oversized free standing fabric sign signage events
silicone edge graphics events free-standing tension fabric oversized huge event signage sign
SEG Silicone edge graphics free standing oversized events tension events event sign signage visuals
silicone edge graphics free standing SEG Fabric tension fabric sign oversized printing visuals sign

Pillowcase Fabric Stands For Events

Another popular fabric signage option for events is called Pillowcase Fabric Banner Stands. For this display, the fabric is sewn like a pillowcase and slips over the aluminum framing like a sock, and stretches the graphic taut. Again, the main advantage of fabric is that it can be handled without the risk of damage. These Banner Stands are also double-sided so the images can be seen from different angles. The Pillowcase Fabric Stands have the option of a carrying case which makes transportation even easier than SEG Framing. The sizes available span from 2ft wide to 10 ft wide.

Pillowcase Fabric Stands are also being used at events as backdrop walls for selfies. For these, the graphic is usually a step and repeat logo, inviting the attendees to take selfies in front of it to post on social media.


banner stand stands fabric tension events signage sign
pillow case banner stand tension fabric pillow sleeve free standing double sided selfie wall backdrop portable step and repeat
fabric free-standing backdrop wall double-sided portable tension free-standing
fabric pillow case banner stand free standing signage portable double-sided printing print sign

Fabric Signage is by far our favorite signage option for events. If you have an upcoming project and need some advice please give us a shout at 800-962-3119. We’d love to help you with your Fabric Signage Displays to make sure that you get the most recognition at your events.  


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vinyl for textured surfaces rough wrap brick wall texture adhesive material installation outdoor paint painted brick wrap contour cut Krispy Kreme signage

Vinyl Graphics for Textured Surfaces – Krispy Kreme’s Story

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Vinyl Graphics that Have Painted Appearance on Walls

It’s been said that we eat with our eyes first. When Krispy Kreme Doughnuts needed a way to make their new location stand out, they turned to us, and we set a plan in motion.

A global retailer of premium-quality sweet treats, Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation is a big brand that’s headquartered in Winston-Salem, N.C. Founded in 1937, the company has 1,400 retail shops in 33 countries.

Krispy Kreme’s new Utica, Michigan, location needed Vinyl for Textured Surfaces for their opening in January. Our team communicated closely with the customer and installers every step of the way, and we printed the graphics and coordinated the installation in record time. This is the story of how we achieved this, complete with sprinkles on top.

Graphics for Textured Surfaces on Brick Walls

Krispy Kreme wanted to reinforce their branding with fun doughnut designs on the inside and outside of their store. They needed a painted look that worked with their brick walls, but they also wanted to avoid repainting when they changed up their graphics. Since Rough Wrap is easy to remove, it was the perfect solution. “You can see the big graphics from a distance, which makes them very impactful,” says 40 VISUALS Project Manager, Lacey Hensen.”

Vinyl for textured surfaces rough wrap adhesive vinyl brick wall texture material installation installed outdoor indoor application paint like painted wall signage Krispy Kreme
vinyl for textured surfaces outdoor brick wall installation install paint like texture contour cut printed Krispy Kreme signage
The large outdoor graphics were installed on the building in just 2 to 3 days. The size of the Rough Wrap shown on the exterior wall of the drive-through is 520″W x 134″H; it was printed sectioned into 14 different pieces and contour cut. (See Above)

Rough Wrap for Surfaces with Texture

Rough Wrap is a 2.1 mil vinyl material with a laminate over top that’s designed for large textured surfaces like wall murals, indoors and outdoors. The vinyl is applied using heat and has the appearance of paint when it molds to the textured surface.

When selecting the visual and color for a brick surface, it’s important to consider the color of the brick where the visual will be installed. “Krispy Kreme needed us to achieve just the right shade of gray for the adhesive to work with the brick color. To help them find the right one, we sent multiple gray color swatches and samples to test the shade that worked best on the interior brick,” explains Lacey.

Vinyl for textured surfaces rough wrap adhesive vinyl brick wall texture material installation installed outdoor indoor application paint like painted wall signage Krispy Kreme
vinyl for textured surfaces rough wrap install installation adhesive vinyl brick texture outdoor application paint like texture contour cut graphics Krispy Kreme signage
Krispy Kreme’s gray Rough Wrap brings a brick wall to life – and reinforces their branding – inside and out. The Rough Wrap shown on this exterior wall is 248″W x 184″H, which is the total size of the material printed before it was sectioned into 15 different pieces and contour cut for easier installation. (See Above)

Vinyl for Textured Surfaces – Printing and Installation

To simplify the installation process, once the color was selected the 40 Visuals team printed the Vinyl for Textured Surfaces graphics in smaller sections. We printed eight full wall visuals and split them into 67 total pieces to make them easier to work with and install. The individual pieces were up to 106″w x 42″h in size. Then the 67 pieces were each contour cut by our team to the exact specifications.

Next mockups were created for the installation team that showed where the different sections attached together to create the whole image. “Since we coordinate nationwide installations, we make sure installers have a guide to follow,” adds Lacey.

We also produced several Adhesive Vinyl and Ultra Clear Window Clings for the display, which tie the theme together and give the store a consistent look. The Ultra Clear Clings include shop hours, drive-through hours and Wi-Fi decals that were created for the windows.

The sections – exterior, interior and bathrooms – were turned around in a week. All the graphics were set up and completed in five to seven days. The large graphics on the outside of the building were installed within two to three days. Lacey said, “We met the client’s deadlines and were able to schedule the installation immediately once the building was ready, so Krispy Kreme could show off their awesome wall graphics at the opening.”

vinyl for textured surfaces brick wall installation install paint like texture contour cut printed Krispy Kreme signage
vinyl for textured surfaces rough wrap brick wall texture adhesive material installation paint painted brick wrap contour cut Krispy Kreme signage
Adhesive Vinyl was applied on the smooth surface walls. The Rough Wrap (228″W x 127″H total material) was printed, sectioned into 8 pieces and contour cut. The Krispy Kreme large gray graphic above the window is Adhesive Vinyl (214″W x 43″H) that was contour cut. (See Above)

How do I learn more about Vinyl for Textured Surfaces

Another great example of this application is the story of how Luke’s Lobster restaurant in New York City is using Printed Vinyl That Gives the Effect of Paint on Brick Walls. If you’re interested in learning more about how other doughnut shops, coffee shops and restaurants are leveraging Vinyl for Textured Surfaces, please give us a shout at 800-962-3119 or click one of the links below.