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SEG Fabric Signage with Light Boxes at Foot Locker

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Edgeless LED Light Frame large backlit fabric textile signage sign retail tension graphics store foot Locker

Signage at Foot Locker Stores

Foot Locker stores are known to have an asthetic energy all of their own. Not only do they promote an active lifestyle, they use iconic athletes to endorse their products. This combination demands engaging signage that connects with shoppers. To do this, they used large SEG Fabric Signage in stores that can’t go unnoticed.

SEG, short for Silicone Edge Graphics, is usually printed on a fabric material with a thin silicone beading sewn around the edges. Ideal for larger size signage, the silicone beading fits in the channel of the frame around the perimeter. Once installed, the SEG fabric graphic has a taut, smooth appearance that’s ideal for retail signage displays.

The other benefit of SEG Fabric Signage is that the graphics don’t get damaged. With so much traffic in the store, they can’t use signage that will easily get worn. Fabric is an awesome alternative to traditional paper based signs for this reason. Also, the fabric prints are easy to change from the frames. So easy in fact, that store employees can change the graphics for each season without risking damage.

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Light Box LED

For the Foot Locker store at Times Square in NYC, they chose Frameless SEG Light Boxes with Backlit Fabric Prints to showcase their impactful imagery. Throughout the store the huge Light Box frames were everywhere, combined with colorful artwork featuring the world’s top athletes and products. The large graphics were bright and sharp, which was outstanding quality for fabric prints.

We did not produce the SEG Fabric signage at Foot Locker, but we do for many top brands and retailers. If you are interested in these displays please give us a shout at 800-962-3119 or click the link below to be connected by a signage expert. 


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