Backlit SEG Signage for Grand Valley State University Technology Center

Backlit SEG Fabric Backlit- Soft Signage- SEG- Printed Fabric- Light Box
Backlit SEG Fabric SEG LED Light box foresight signage
Backlit SEG Fabric SEG Soft Signage Backlit light box Printed Fabric
Backlit SEG Fabric University Signage backlit Fabric display
Backlit SEG Fabric signage backlit fabric SEG frameless edgeless LED University signage stretch fabric tension silicone edge graphics

Grand Valley State University displayed a 14’ x 2’ foot frameless light box and Backlit SEG Fabric graphic in the Atomic Object Technology Showcase.

The Showcase is an immersive and hands on tech lab at GVSU enhancing teaching and learning for students. The size and shape of the new graphic creates outstanding visual interest in the space.

The project was inspired by the soft signage and SEG frames being used by Apple stores around the country. The director of the Technology showcase, Eric Kunnen, chose to go with the horizontal format to make a profound visual impact. The results were stunning.

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