Ben Biondo Featured on Urban Outfitters Blog

By June 24, 2015 Uncategorized
Ben Biondo Urban Outfitters

40 VISUALS’ Image Gallery Contributor Featured on Urban Outfitters Blog

Grand Rapids native and 40 VISUALS’ image gallery contributor, Ben Biondo, was recently interviewed for the Urban Outfitters blog about his unique graphic design style, among other things. Currently residing in Southern California, Ben is making a name for himself as an elite graphic designer working with premium brands all over the world. We are thrilled to see Ben getting the recognition that he deserves and proud that he is a part of the 40 VISUALS’ family.

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As a designer and maker of things, Ben is getting attention for his unique pared-down style and fresh colors that communicate his designs. The use of non-traditional color schemes began when he was an illustrator and is continuously evolving with his style.

The interview posted on the Urban Outfitters blog this week is getting a lot of positive response, gaining thousands of likes and shares around the internet within the first day. Below is a link to the post where Ben explains his process, inspiration and personality. His work is available as printed and framed wall art inside the 40 VISUALS’ image gallery. Go Ben!