Bevel Edge Counter Sign

Small Sign, Large Visual Impact



The versatility of this frame rivals a chameleon’s ability to change with its environment. The Bevel Edge frame easily compliments any counter setting and can be transformed into a horizontal or vertical display. Artwork invisibly floats between two layers of plexi glass allowing the frame to disappear and the graphic to shine.

Bevel Edge Counter Sign Promotional Display
Bevel Edge Counter Card Display

Easy to Change

Easily change out your graphics
with the Bevel Edge Counter Sign


Bevel Edge Counter Signs are small and simple
yet in the right location provide great visual impact

Reverse Option

Bevel Edge Counter Sign has the option to
be rotated from vertical to horizontal based on the graphic

Promotional Counter top Display Bevel Edge Counter Card Sign
Counter Card Signage Bevel Edge Counter Top Display
Bevel Edge Counter Card Point of Purchase Display
Acrylic Counter Bevel Edge Sign

Size Options

The Bevel Edge Counter Sign comes in three standard sizes. The largest size is 11″ x 8.5″, the next size down is 5″ x 7″ and the smallest size available is 4″ x 6″.

Protected Signage

The Bevel Edge Counter Sign Display protects the graphic with a scratch proof plexi substrate to ensure a longer life span for your artwork.

Vivid Imagery

The high definition poster provides a crisp and clear image every time. The graphics will be highly visible through the protective plexi.


The Bevel Edge Counter Sign is very lightweight and easy to reposition to any flat counter top surface.