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Big Fabric Signage for Showrooms

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Showroom Signage is Gaining Importance

An alternative to traditional retail storefronts are product showrooms. As retail continues to evolve, promotional showrooms are more and more important to brand identity. Showrooms are intimate, more so than retail environments, and they can offer an immersive brand experience that’s unlike retail. In this case, smaller is better to stimulate the senses.

The visual appeal of a product showroom must speak to the heart of the customer. This can be a lofty expectation if you are building a showroom from scratch. From the displays to the lighting, every detail counts, especially signage.

Showroom Signage That Changes

In a recent project for the Bering Time showroom, we produced large SEG Fabric signage that is easy to change out. Bering Time is always looking to freshen up their look so Silicone Edge Graphics were the best option for this showroom.

Also referred to as SEG or tension fabric, this form of signage is the gaining popularity amongst brands and retailers that need to change their look often. Signage that features seasonal inspiration, new products, or celebrity ambassadors, usually requires a change after certain amount of time.

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) feature a thin silicone beading around the edges that fits into an understated framing system. The main advantage to SEG Fabric signage is the durability it offers when handling. Brands and retailers love SEG products because they can be folded without damage, but look rigid when installed in the framing.

Big Signage for Showrooms

Big signage gets the most response from customers. That’s why we produced some seriously large fabric graphics for the Bering Time showroom. They can’t help but be noticed! The sizes were 3ft. X 10ft. and 8ft. X 12ft. spread across the showroom. The result was a visually immersive environment that the client was thrilled with!

If you are looking enhance your product showroom with visually appealing signage please let us help. Give us a shout at 800-962-3119 or click the link below to be contacted by a showroom signage expert. 

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