Branded Packaging Goes Along With Quality Signage

By May 11, 2016 Uncategorized

40 VISUALS has recently taken steps to put a new spin on our packaging. Quality signage deserves a quality seal, all of our packages are now sealed with our custom printed 40 VISUALS logo tape.

Our distinctive look will make sure your package is noticed when it arrives on site. 40 VISUALS brands all of our packages to insure that your shipment will stand out from the rest. Each package has a label listing the contents, removing any doubt of what is inside. We are aware that stores have packages upon packages arriving every day and unmarked boxes may be tossed aside. When an installation is involved we mark the box that it is to be held for installation.  All of the packages are sent with clear and concise instructions on how to install.

Branded signage packaging

We offer blind shipping options on any order, or with customizable packaging label branded with your logo.  If this option is selected, we will not include our logo or branding on the shipment it will appear as though the package is coming from you.

We treat every package with care doing everything in our power to protect your product.  Branded packaging goes hand in hand with quality signage.  You do not want your media to stay in the box.