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Printed Vinyl for Outdoor Brick Wall Mural

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Outdoor brick walls are boring and not often thought of as being an opportunity for large mural type signage. Painted wall murals are so cool, but way too difficult to manage. However, advanced vinyl printing technology allows for all of the same design possibilities of a painted mural, minus the hassle. 

At Foil Hair Salon, the side exterior of the building faces and busy road and is highly visible to people passing by. Foil wanted to use the wall space to make a statement to the community and provide customers with another wall to take photos of their finished hair. 

vinyl wrap brick walls outdoor textured mural wall painted print printed printing rough rap sign signage

They decided on a drip paint look with the quote “Life Over Likes” as a way to get people’s attention who drove by. The reaction has been a huge hit to say the least. 

“We get people honking as they drive by and others ask to take pictures against the wall, it has been a huge success in getting people talking.” Said Ross Ruiz, one of the owners.  

For the project we used an optically clear Vinyl for Brick Walls material that molds to brick when installed with heat. The finished result looks like the graphic was painted on the building rather than printed on vinyl. 

Printed vinyl for brick walls is gaining popularity now that it is so easy to produce and install. We recently completed a Brick Wrap Vinyl project for Krispy Kreme ,and notice retailers like Kiehls using Vinyl on Bricks also.

If you are interested in printed vinyl specifically for brick walls and textured surfaces, give us a shout at 800-962-3199 or click the link below to be contacted. 

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Vinyl Signage on Brick Walls at Kiehls

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Vinyl Signage for Exposed Brick Walls

We love exposed brick walls inside of retail stores. Why? They offer more of an inviting feeling to shoppers, and makes the store seem less threatening. But for brick walls and other textured surfaces, it can be hard to find signage options that compliment the texture of the wall rather than distract from it.

The other day we spotted Keihls using vinyl wrap signage on their exposed brick walls inside the store. We refer to this product as Rough Wrap or Mural Graphics, because the media is designed to look like paint after its installed on rough surfaces like brick.

The graphic on the brick wall at Keihls is molded into the brick using heat to that gives the appearance of a painted wall mural, minus the actual paint.

More and more retailers are using vinyl graphics on brick walls, inside and outside of the store. We recently completed a project for Krispy Kreme that used both interior and exterior Rough Wrap on the walls. The client was blown away at how much the graphics looked like paint.

If you have brick walls that you would like signage for please contact us at 800-962-3119 or fill out the form below. We’d love to help guide you into he right option for your walls.


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Vinyl Graphics for Textured Surfaces – Krispy Kreme’s Story

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Vinyl Graphics that Have Painted Appearance on Walls

It’s been said that we eat with our eyes first. When Krispy Kreme Doughnuts needed a way to make their new location stand out, they turned to us, and we set a plan in motion.

A global retailer of premium-quality sweet treats, Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation is a big brand that’s headquartered in Winston-Salem, N.C. Founded in 1937, the company has 1,400 retail shops in 33 countries.

Krispy Kreme’s new Utica, Michigan, location needed Vinyl for Textured Surfaces for their opening in January. Our team communicated closely with the customer and installers every step of the way, and we printed the graphics and coordinated the installation in record time. This is the story of how we achieved this, complete with sprinkles on top.

Graphics for Textured Surfaces on Brick Walls

Krispy Kreme wanted to reinforce their branding with fun doughnut designs on the inside and outside of their store. They needed a painted look that worked with their brick walls, but they also wanted to avoid repainting when they changed up their graphics. Since Rough Wrap is easy to remove, it was the perfect solution. “You can see the big graphics from a distance, which makes them very impactful,” says 40 VISUALS Project Manager, Lacey Hensen.”

Vinyl for textured surfaces rough wrap adhesive vinyl brick wall texture material installation installed outdoor indoor application paint like painted wall signage Krispy Kreme
vinyl for textured surfaces outdoor brick wall installation install paint like texture contour cut printed Krispy Kreme signage
The large outdoor graphics were installed on the building in just 2 to 3 days. The size of the Rough Wrap shown on the exterior wall of the drive-through is 520″W x 134″H; it was printed sectioned into 14 different pieces and contour cut. (See Above)

Rough Wrap for Surfaces with Texture

Rough Wrap is a 2.1 mil vinyl material with a laminate over top that’s designed for large textured surfaces like wall murals, indoors and outdoors. The vinyl is applied using heat and has the appearance of paint when it molds to the textured surface.

When selecting the visual and color for a brick surface, it’s important to consider the color of the brick where the visual will be installed. “Krispy Kreme needed us to achieve just the right shade of gray for the adhesive to work with the brick color. To help them find the right one, we sent multiple gray color swatches and samples to test the shade that worked best on the interior brick,” explains Lacey.

Vinyl for textured surfaces rough wrap adhesive vinyl brick wall texture material installation installed outdoor indoor application paint like painted wall signage Krispy Kreme
vinyl for textured surfaces rough wrap install installation adhesive vinyl brick texture outdoor application paint like texture contour cut graphics Krispy Kreme signage
Krispy Kreme’s gray Rough Wrap brings a brick wall to life – and reinforces their branding – inside and out. The Rough Wrap shown on this exterior wall is 248″W x 184″H, which is the total size of the material printed before it was sectioned into 15 different pieces and contour cut for easier installation. (See Above)

Vinyl for Textured Surfaces – Printing and Installation

To simplify the installation process, once the color was selected the 40 Visuals team printed the Vinyl for Textured Surfaces graphics in smaller sections. We printed eight full wall visuals and split them into 67 total pieces to make them easier to work with and install. The individual pieces were up to 106″w x 42″h in size. Then the 67 pieces were each contour cut by our team to the exact specifications.

Next mockups were created for the installation team that showed where the different sections attached together to create the whole image. “Since we coordinate nationwide installations, we make sure installers have a guide to follow,” adds Lacey.

We also produced several Adhesive Vinyl and Ultra Clear Window Clings for the display, which tie the theme together and give the store a consistent look. The Ultra Clear Clings include shop hours, drive-through hours and Wi-Fi decals that were created for the windows.

The sections – exterior, interior and bathrooms – were turned around in a week. All the graphics were set up and completed in five to seven days. The large graphics on the outside of the building were installed within two to three days. Lacey said, “We met the client’s deadlines and were able to schedule the installation immediately once the building was ready, so Krispy Kreme could show off their awesome wall graphics at the opening.”

vinyl for textured surfaces brick wall installation install paint like texture contour cut printed Krispy Kreme signage
vinyl for textured surfaces rough wrap brick wall texture adhesive material installation paint painted brick wrap contour cut Krispy Kreme signage
Adhesive Vinyl was applied on the smooth surface walls. The Rough Wrap (228″W x 127″H total material) was printed, sectioned into 8 pieces and contour cut. The Krispy Kreme large gray graphic above the window is Adhesive Vinyl (214″W x 43″H) that was contour cut. (See Above)

How do I learn more about Vinyl for Textured Surfaces

Another great example of this application is the story of how Luke’s Lobster restaurant in New York City is using Printed Vinyl That Gives the Effect of Paint on Brick Walls. If you’re interested in learning more about how other doughnut shops, coffee shops and restaurants are leveraging Vinyl for Textured Surfaces, please give us a shout at 800-962-3119 or click one of the links below.