Citizen Flagship Storefront Shows Off Decal Window Vinyl

By March 24, 2015 Products
Adhesive Vinyl Decal for Storefront Windows and Decoration.
Adhesive Vinyl Decal for Storefront Windows and Decoration.
Adhesive Vinyl Decal for Storefront Windows and Decoration.
Adhesive Vinyl Decal for Citizen Storefront Windows and Decoration.

Citizen Flagship Storefront Glass Decal Signage

The Citizen Flagship Store is located in New York’s Times Square, the glass window storefront is an important area to display signage that captures shoppers’ attention.Citizen chose to use a Vinyl Decal Lettering application with the word “Proximity” displayed vertically 13 inches wide and 115 inches tall.  The tall lettering can be seen sitting on the storefront edge and covering the window from top to bottom. Complimenting that was another set of smaller decal lettering and a hanging banner inside the window.

First, the Vinyl Decal Lettering was first printed on an Arlon Decal Vinyl.  Arlon is a glossy white film that has a permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive.  For the letters to be cut accurately, the letters are cut using our Zund Cutter.

The vinyl is then weeded out.  Weeding is the process when excess amount of material is taken away from the main graphic, leaving only the letters behind.  A clear mask is then applied directly over the top of the Decal Vinyl, which is called masking.  This process keeps the spacing between the letters consistent to the original design, the entire word can now be applied with ease.

Once the graphic is ready to be applied, the mask is separated from the Decal Lettering and is applied to the outside surface.  Simply tear away the excess materials and throw away the clear mask.

Lacey Hensen, our Creative Director at 40 VISUALS, had some insights about Decal Vinyl and the Citizen flagship store.

Rachel McCoy:  “What kind of surfaces are mostly used for displaying Vinyl Decal Lettering/Vinyl Decals?”

Lacey Hensen: “Glass surfaces and walls are great for this type of application.”

Rachel McCoy : “What is the best method for submitting artwork when working on a Vinyl Decal Application?”

Lacey Hensen: “Any lettering or contour cut graphics are best as a vector file so we can easily select the outline; or a bitmap file with a path to where the image is to be cut. As far as size, character height or overall width or height works great!”

40 VISUALS works on custom projects and unique designs and guarantees the maximum level of visual impact for the surface.

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