Contour Cut Falconboard Letter Display for Arizona Jean Co.

By April 6, 2015 Products
Contour Cut Falconboard Substrate Arizona Jean Co.
Flaconboard Display Arizona Jean Co JC Penney
Contour Cut Falconboard Substrate Arizona Jean Co JC Penney's
Contour Cut Falconboard Substrate Lettering Arizona Jean Co.
Falconboard Substrate Contour Cut Lettering

Contour Cut Flaconboard Letter Display for Arizona Jean Co.

Contour cut Falconboard displays are a popular signage option that’s being used in a number of different retail settings.

This trendy option has already been used in unique applications found in Bloomingdale’s flagship store in NYC, in storefront windows at J.Crew, and as memorizing musical instruments at Brooks Brothers.

Now, Falconboard has entered a more mainstream retail location, JCPenny’s.  The contour cut Falconboard displays for Arizona Jean Co. are a simple, yet stylish design to help visually promote their women’s clothing line with lettering.

The Falconboard lettering featured for Arizona Jean Co. is approximately 12″w x 8″h.

Contour Cut Falconboard is a recyclable substrate that is gaining popularity in retail environments for its unique look and being environmentally friendly.  It is a viable new green solution for point-of-purchase retail displays.

This printed substrate has a very sturdy structure that can handle the most demanding graphic display applications due to its superior rigidity and dimensional stability.  Falconboard can be contour cut, folded, shape cut, and pieced together for 3 dimensional displays.  The possibilities for Falconboard are endless!

40 VISUALS did not produce the Falconboard lettering at JC Penney, but offers the same solution to brands and retailers.  For more information about Falconboard or questions about our other substrates, please feel free to contact us, or give us a call at 800-962-3119.