The Duratran Co. has changed its name to 40 Visuals


The Duratran Co. has changed its name to 40 Visuals.

We’re excited to announce that The Duratran Co. has changed its name to 40 Visuals effective June 1st! Be assured that the values, consistent quality and concierge level client support that The Duratran Co. is known for will remain the same.

The name change reflects our significant expansion as a signage manufacture for luxury brands, retailers and marketing professionals, producing signage products far beyond the traditional duratran print. A lot of things will be new and enhanced with 40 Visuals. Most notably, an intuitive online store-visual management platform, +motion digital signage services, mobile marketing, and new printed medias with applications that span across all areas of the store environment. With these new products 40 Visuals is prepared to meet all signage needs by utilizing emerging technologies combined with advanced printing capabilities.

We have chosen the name 40 Visuals to signify the importance of well placed signage inside the retail environment by encouraging shoppers through the last 40 yards to make purchases. We’ve always had the vision of producing interactive signage that truly matters to shoppers and plays an influential role in how they make buying decisions. 40 Visuals is positioned to be a leader in a new form of signage that blends print, mobile and digital to create a more engaging form of signage communication.

So as of June 1st, our new name is 40 Visuals and the company will continue to operate with the same friendly staff, and the same dedicated ownership. Because it’s not just about duratrans anymore. It’s about influencing that critical 40 Yards of the retail experience with powerful signage in all forms.