Fabric LED Frames Illuminate ALDO Retailers

Frameless LED Light Box ALDO

ALDO Using Frameless Fabric LED Light Boxes

ALDO, known for their high end and upscale shoe sales, is using LED Frameless Light Boxes with Fabric signage in their stores to showcase their beautiful brand imagery. This signage application defintley compliments the signature look of their retail stores.

Frameless Fabric LED Light Boxes can be found in other premium retail outlets such as;  Johnston & Murphy, Cole Haan, and Macy’s.

Light Boxes and Silicone Edge Fabric can be customized for every retail environment. These light boxes can be recessed into walls, create free-standing displays, or simply be wall mounted like the ones at Aldo. Since these framing systems fabric graphic can be produced in nearly any size, the options are endless.

Frameless Appearance Front Lit Fabric
ALDO Silicone Edge Fabric Frame Display

These Frameless Light Boxes at ALDO were not provided by 40 VISUALS, but we offer a similar signage solution, so please feel free to Contact Us or give us a call at 800-962-3119.

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