Fabric Lightbox for New Exhibit at Chabot Space & Science Center

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The newest exhibit at Chabot Space & Science Center features a massive outer space themed Fabric Lightbox. The backlit fabric material shows all of the amazing colors in the galaxy scene. The exhibit is called “Going the Distance: Our Reach into Space” and features content provided by NASA Ames Research Laboratory, Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Planet, and SpaceX.

The wall mounted display measures 168″W x 96″H in size and takes up a large portion of the room. LED lighting is distributed around the perimeter of the lightbox so that the graphic is evenly illuminated. The large size creates a very interactive experience and many people have already been posting photos of themselves posing in front of the unique backdrop.

Fabric Lightbox Displays in Museums

Fabric Lightbox displays are becoming more popular in museums because of the ability for the SEG fabric graphics to be swapped out with each exhibit. Once the lightbox is installed, it is a very easy process to replace the fabric with a new design.

Another popular option is to use a non-lit display which would use a frame instead of a lightbox. This type of display would use the existing light source allowing it to be used in multiple locations.

The frameless appearance is another added bonus to this product. Larger sizes like this one really transform the space and makes it a more memorable experience for viewers.

How do I learn more about Lightbox Displays?

If you are interested in learning more about how retailers are using Lightbox Displays please give us a shout at 800-962-3119 or click one of the links below.