100% Recyclable Substrate Board for POP Graphic Display


Falconboard is a paper-based substrate board for graphic display. It has gained success in the visual merchandising market due to its performance and enviromentaly-responsible profile. This means that Falconboard is made primarily from renewable forest resources and completely recyclable.


FALCONBOARD is suitable for a variety of signage applications where foam boards have traditionally been used, thus making FALCONBOARD a recyclable alternative to foam board when considering short-term to semi-permenent interior POP applications.


Falconboard has a sturdy structure that can handle the most demanding graphic display applications due to its superior rigidity and dimensional stability.

100% Recyclable

Falconboard is 100% recyclable and is made from renewable forest resources. Using a patent pending process for manufacturing eliminates emissions and VOC.

Custom Fabrication

Falconboard material can be contour cut, folded, shape cut, and pieced together for 3 dimensional displays. The possibilities that Falconboard offers are only limited by your imagination. 

Printed Falconboard Window Display
J. Crew falconboard storefront window display
Printed Falconboard Display Bloomingdales
J Crew window display falconboard

Send Files

Send us artwork to print Falconboard displays through WeTransfer. Looking for ideas? Visit our image gallery extra inspiration.


Work with a professional graphic designer to achieve the best layout for Falconboard graphics. Once approved, orders will be printed and shipped within 48-72 hours.

Custom Appearance

Falconboard is available in different thickness, core color and finish. This allows for more customized, branded displays.

POP Displays

Falconboard is a successful alternative to foam boards for point-of-purchase applications because it is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.