Fine Art Printing for Photography Exhibit at Hope College De Pree Art Center

By March 17, 2017 Events
Gallery Walls Large Fine Art Printing

The walls have eyes – large fine art printing creates an ominous viewing experience.

Local photographer Tom Wagner approached 40 VISUALS for our fine art printing capabilities to fill large spaces for an exhibit at the Hope College De Pree Art Center in nearby Holland, MI.  Wagner, currently based in West Michigan has worked in over 35 countries for magazines and Fortune 500 corporations in portraiture, news, and stories covering people and events ranging from factories to A-list celebrities.

The current exhibit titled “No Motherland without You: Images of North Korea” features fine art prints from the estimated 5,000 photograhs he has taken in North Korea over the last decades. The show centers around the act of watching, looking, and being watched.

Backlit Fine Art Printing Duratran Transparency Art Gallery Exhibit
Light box Backlit Duratran Transparency Fine Art Printing
Fine Art Printing

Fine Art Printing That Comes to Life

The goal was to captivate viewers by displaying fine art prints on a larger than life scale. After exploring many options, printing on our professional Photo Poster paper and mounting to lightweight but sturdy 1/2″ thick Ultra Board at 60″ wide by 40″ high was the best solution. This process allowed Wagner’s prints to be presented with high definition detail photographic detail to capture viewers, even at a distance.  The large scale fine art prints filled the gallery walls with the ominous feeling of being watched while visitors view the smaller scale photographs also on display.

In addition to the large Photo Poster prints, 40 Visuals also provided a backlit Duratran Transparency print. The massive 8′ wide x 4′ high print consists of thousands of small film slides. When backlit they look like surveillance screens. Wagner and DePree Art Gallery staff worked to create a backlit lightbox structure to illuminate the print.

Both the large Poster Prints and the Duratran creates a stunning visual display that enhances the experience of gallery viewers.

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