Flagship Showroom Sets the Scene with Backlit SEG Fabric

SEG Backlit Fabric Showroom Light Box
Sewing Silicone Gasket on Backlit Fabric
Backlit SEG Fabric Light Box for Showroom

Showroom Features Backlit Fabric Light Boxes

Sossego, the exclusive North American distributor of Brazilian Aristeu Pires’ modern handcrafted furniture line, has partnered with 40 VISUALS to provide Frameless Fabric Light Boxes for their flagship showroom in Chicago. Their flagship showroom opens on April 1st, 2016 at the Merchandise Mart.

The idea behind using light boxes as the application for Sossego’s showroom was to give customers the feeling of looking out at a brilliant lush forest to reflect the Brazilian lifestyle of warm, relaxed, and welcomed comfort. Frameless Fabric Light Boxes were an easy choice, as the graphics would have a natural glow, while the frameless appearance would make it feel just like you’re looking out the window.

Frameless Fabric Light Box & Graphic

The three light boxes provided for the showroom were very long and narrow. The smallest light box roughly measured 6 feet in length, the next size up was 12 feet in length, and the largest was 16 feet in length. All three light boxes were 3 feet in height.

The artwork was broken up to fit each of light box. Once the graphics were approved, the fabrics are then printed, and cut using a state of the art hot knife. Then the fabric graphics went to our finishing room, where Ashley (featured above) sewed the silicone gasket onto the fabric. The last step was inserting the fabric graphics into the light boxes, to ensure a drum tight fit.

The resulting look was a very impressive piece to compliment their flagship showroom, and give customers an amazing view while they relax in modern handcrafted furniture.

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