Framed SEG Fabric Photo Collage for Retail Store

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We recently printed and installed a framed SEG fabric photo collage for a new lululemon store in Bethesda, Maryland.  The project consisted of (5) photos total, (2) were 42 in. wide x 48 in. tall, and the other (3) was 48 in. wide x 32 in. high. The collage features photographs taken of the Bethesda area by visual journalist Suzanne Tylander; like all lululemon stores, the imagery used highlights the local area.  The collage was comprised of five graphics, evenly hung to form a rectangular shape.  

SEG fabric graphics and frames are being used for all types of retail store applications.  More recently, framed SEG fabric graphics were used by Under Armour, another fitness apparel retailer, to showcase their world-class athletes to motivate shoppers.

If you are interested in learning more about how retailers are using SEG fabric and frames please give us a shout at 800-962-3119 or click the link below to be contacted.


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