Frameless Backlit Fabric Invades Macy’s Herald Square

Armani fabric light box sign Macy's

Frameless Backlit Fabric Signage Everywhere at Macy’s 

Macy’s Herald Square is the flagship of the Macy’s department store chain. The building’s 2.2 million square feet made it the world’s largest department store from 1924 to 2009. That being said, visual trends in signage often begin and end inside Macy’s Herald Square. 

The newest trend in retail signage visuals are Frameless Light Boxes and Printed Backlit Fabric found in Macy’s. They are everywhere inside the mega retailer! As we strolled through the different sections within mens clothing, it became clear that more and more prestigious brands are representing their products and showcasing their designs on large fabric graphics that are lit from behind – and they looked stunning… 

Backlit Fabric Macys Herald Square
Backlit Fabric Macys Herald Square Diesel
Hugo Boss frameless fabric signage at Macy's
Hugo Boss framless fabric and lit displays
MIchael Kors backlit fabric display Macy's Herald Square
Teb Baker Backlit Fabric at Macy's
Backlit Fabric Macys Herald Square Polo Ralph Lauren
Kiehl's backlit fabric signage display in Macy's
The frameless look is achieved by sewing beading around the edges of the Backlit Fabric, to fit into the tiny channels on the perimeter of display extrusion. When installed around the frame system, the fabric is pulled taught and displays a smooth frameless graphic.

Frameless Light Boxes are appealing to modern retailers because they are less cumbersome than traditional light boxes in some instances. There’s no diffusion plate or polycarbonate needed to protect the graphic like traditional light boxes. Also, they are more cost effective for larger sizes than alternative frames.

Macy’s has discovered the advantages of Frameless Light Boxes and Fabric. Who’s next?

40 VISUALS did not print the fabric signage for Macy’s but offers the same solution. If you would like to add Frameless Light Boxes and Backlit Fabric to you store decor please give us a call at 800-962-3119 to get started.