Frameless Edge Stretch Fabric is Easy to Install

frameless lightboxes for printed fabric

Frameless Stretch Fabric is Easy to Install

There is a big reason that Frameless Stretch Fabric is becoming so popular with retailers,  IT’S EASY. The video above demonstrates how the aluminum framing system is assembled and how the stretch fabric graphic fits neatly into the display, using sewn silicon beading around the edges of the fabric.  The result is stunning, a large fabric graphic that displays smooth and taught without the chunkiness of a traditional frame.

The edgeless fabric framing is made of a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum assembled using a basic connector system.  The printed fabric graphic is easily installed by fitting the gasket sewn around the edge of the fabric into a small channel around the perimeter of the framing system.  The result is an edgeless, frameless look that is right for any upscale retail environment.

Some popular retailer brands that are using large fabric graphics with edgeless frames are Cole Haan,  H&M,  Johnston & Murphy and Macy’s Herald Square.  So we know this trend is here to stay.

The framing system can come with or without LED lighting inside.  The non backlit frames feature a thinner profile, while the Backlit Frames are deeper to help diffuse the LED lighting behind the fabric.  Both Backlit Stretch Fabric and Frontlit Fabric are solid new alternatives for impressive large format signage.

There are many reasons to be excited about this new trend in retail signage.  The most important is ease of use.  There is much less fuss with frameless displays over traditional snap frames and light boxes, plus they are safer to ship.

If you are considering large printed signage solutions for your store or office, Frameless Stretch Fabric needs serious attention before making any decision.

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