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Free-Standing Fabric Signage For Special Events

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Fabric SEG silicone Edge Events Graphics free standing oversized huge printing sign signage events

Fabric Signage – The Best Option For Events

Free-standing fabric displays are a popular option as signage for special events. Fabric is known for its durability and portability, so it’s a common choice for temporary pop-up environments. Most venues won’t allow wall-hanging signage because they are short lived, and wall signage is more permanent. The advantage of fabric is that it can be folded and transported more easily than other traditional options.

For this event, we produced some large, free-standing SEG fabric displays that made a huge impact! The sizes we printed for the event were 4ft. X 8ft, 6ft. X 8ft. and 8ft X 12ft.

SEG is short for Silicone Edge Graphics, which has a thin silicone beading sewn around the edge of the fabric. When inserted in the frame, the fabric is stretched taut and has a smooth, rigid appearance.

The framing features metal feet at the bottom so they can stand on their own and also be double-sided. The fabric frames break down easily for shipping and transportation purposes, this makes SEG Fabric a great choice for signage at events.

silicone edge graphics oversized free standing fabric sign signage events
silicone edge graphics events free-standing tension fabric oversized huge event signage sign
SEG Silicone edge graphics free standing oversized events tension events event sign signage visuals
silicone edge graphics free standing SEG Fabric tension fabric sign oversized printing visuals sign

Pillowcase Fabric Stands For Events

Another popular fabric signage option for events is called Pillowcase Fabric Banner Stands. For this display, the fabric is sewn like a pillowcase and slips over the aluminum framing like a sock, and stretches the graphic taut. Again, the main advantage of fabric is that it can be handled without the risk of damage. These Banner Stands are also double-sided so the images can be seen from different angles. The Pillowcase Fabric Stands have the option of a carrying case which makes transportation even easier than SEG Framing. The sizes available span from 2ft wide to 10 ft wide.

Pillowcase Fabric Stands are also being used at events as backdrop walls for selfies. For these, the graphic is usually a step and repeat logo, inviting the attendees to take selfies in front of it to post on social media.


banner stand stands fabric tension events signage sign
pillow case banner stand tension fabric pillow sleeve free standing double sided selfie wall backdrop portable step and repeat
fabric free-standing backdrop wall double-sided portable tension free-standing
fabric pillow case banner stand free standing signage portable double-sided printing print sign

Fabric Signage is by far our favorite signage option for events. If you have an upcoming project and need some advice please give us a shout at 800-962-3119. We’d love to help you with your Fabric Signage Displays to make sure that you get the most recognition at your events.  


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