Freestanding SEG Fabric for Longines Lindbergh Award Ceremony

Freestanding SEG Fabric Tension Fabric Event Wall Photo Backdrop Event Printing Printer Print Framed Fabric Silicone Edge Graphics

We produced multiple Freestanding SEG Fabric backdrops for the Longines Lindbergh Award Ceremony. Two large 25′ x 9′ Freestanding SEG Fabric Backdrops were used for the main stage as well as three 13′ x 6′ SEG Framed Fabrics that were also a part of the space.

Longines has chosen to celebrate Charles Lindbergh’s first solo, nonstop transatlantic flight, by creating this outstanding award which was presented at the event on Monday, May 21.

Freestanding SEG Fabric Event Print Printing Printer Silicone Edge Graphics Tension Fabric Graphics

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