Frosted Adhesive Vinyl with Cut-Out Logo on Glass

By October 6, 2014 Uncategorized
frosted adhesive vinyl film for windows and glass
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Frosted adhesive vinyl window film
frosted adhesive vinyl window film glass
frosted adhesive vinyl film for windows and glass

Frosted Adhesive Vinyl on Window Glass Storefront

Frosted Adhesive Vinyl is another window glass signage application that can compliment any decor if used correctly. Because the base of the media is frosted, there is a slight transparency that gives this vinyl a distinct look on glass. The frosted window film is applied using a semi-permanent adhesive backing that is easy to install and remove.

This particular application used by Denym in Grand Rapids, MI featured a cut-out logo in the center so that the glass beneath displayed the logo. The store has a luxurious feel and the Frosted Adhesive Vinyl complimented the environment nicely. It was surprising to see such a simple signage application add so much to the visual vibe of the store. Kudos!

The signage was not printed by 40 VISUALS, but we offer comparable signage products. If you are interested in Frosted Adhesive Vinyl for glass please contact 40 VISUALS at 800-962-3119.