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G7 Certified Signage Printer?


There has been a lot of buzz in the brand world about G7 as a color management standard, but to most marketing professionals, it’s very confusing as to what it actually is. Quite simply, G7 is a standard used in the printing and visuals industry that helps brands and marketing managers keep color consistency throughout all of their visual touch points. With G7 compliance, displays, packaging, newspaper, magazine, billboard, signage and all other visual marketing assets can now match in terms of color.

Before G7, this was not possible. G7 is a reprographic calibration methodology, invented by Don Hutcheson and popularized through IDEAlliance training and certification programs and started in 2006. Printers that are certified as G7 compliant, have undergone extensive training and have passed the strenuous testing and approval by the IDEAlliance approval committee. 40 Visuals is proud to be a part of the IDEAlliance G7 group of compliant printers.

Why is G7 important to you?


At 40 Visuals, we take color management and consistent quality very serious. Many of our customers are global brands that demand consistency not only from touch point to touch point, but from market to market. So now brand managers in Switzerland can be assured that a duratran or any other sign printed in Paris will match the same graphic sign in New York. And that same sign matches in Topeka too. As long as each touch point is G7 consistent, brand managers can be assured of brand integrity. Not many signage printers are G7 compliant, but 40 Visuals is.

G7 Advantages with 40 Visuals:


• Delivering a color accurate proof of your graphics saves you design/production time and cost

• Assurance of maintaining a consistency in all your brand signage touch points

• Peace of mind that the proofs you see will accurately match your finished signage