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Large Wall Wrap Vinyl for Virtual Reality Experience

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Virtual Rush Adhesive Vinyl Wall Wrap In New York

We recently collaborated with Pulseworks on a project to provide wall and window signage for Virtual Rush, a motion-based Virtual Reality simulator, in New York.  At this location, Virtual Rush 4D virtual reality simulates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission for locals and tourists. 

Pulseworks came to us with their ideas for the large immersive visuals on the windows and walls, and based on their needs, we provided them with different materials including Adhesive Back Vinyl and Invisa-view Perf Vinyl (Window Perf). 

We printed a total of 7 full visuals for the Virtual Rush project which will be a permanent VR simulator for the New York area. Of the 7 visuals, 5 displays were for the windows and 2 displays were for the walls. The window displays were up to 76”w x 98”h in size and the wall displays were up to 80”w x 114”h.

Wall Wrap Adhesive Vinyl can be used on any smooth surface such as windows, mirrors, and walls. Adhesive Vinyl is 100% weatherproof to preserve colors, by being UV protected and water-resistant. In the instance where there is not a smooth surface, we would recommend using the Rough Wrap or Mural Graphics as an alternative.

Adhesive Vinyl Wall Installation

Virtual Rush Adhesive Vinyl Wall Wrap Signage In New York.

We used Invisa-View Perforated Vinyl on the windows to work around building restrictions. Invisa-View Perf Vinyl is a 2nd surface application so the graphics could be installed from the inside. The term “2nd surface” means signage that’s applied to the inside of the glass, with the graphic facing outside. This is a common application for signage that’s applied to inside glass windows.

This project was completed on a Saturday morning for the convenience of the company ensuring they were able to be apart of the process and see the room come to life. We recommend using our installation service with larger Adhesive Vinyl signage visuals. We are able to install floor to ceiling installations any day of the week.

There are many possibilities for effective signage, but the challenges for each application need to be carefully considered before ordering. If you have a project where you need help with signage or have glass windows that you want to cover with engaging graphics, please give us a call at 800-962-3119, and one of our experienced team members will be happy to give you recommendations.