Louis Vuitton Window Signage in NYC

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louis vuitton store signage in NYC glass windows
contour cut vinyl signage on glass windows
Glass Window Signage Display
glass window signage printed storefront
louis vuitton storefront signage

Louis Vuitton Storefront Window Signage at NYC Flagship

The Louis Vuitton storefront glass windows are always a spectacle of beautiful signage imagery.

From the beginning, Louis Vuitton has set themselves apart from other names in luxury goods by being bold and unique. The signage decor displayed on the windows at Louis Vuitton always reflects their ambition to be different.

The glass windows on the flagship store featured printed signage on both sides of the glass.  On the inside, a Clear Window Cling was applied with a white square pattern that was designed to catch eyes.  As you walk by the pattern it appears to be moving due to an optical illusion, very rad.

On the outside of the glass, an Adhesive Window Vinyl was applied.  These vinyls were contour cut in the shape of the graphics that are found on their products this season, everything from salt and pepper shakers to water bottles on the Louis Vuitton storefront.  The combined effect of the Clear Clings and contour cut Adhesive Vinyl was gnarly.  No doubt this drew fascination from shoppers.

The signage was not printed by 40 VISUALS, but we offer comparable signage products, if you are interested in similar signage contact us at 800-962-3119.