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By April 7, 2016 Uncategorized
ReImagining Language Art Exhibit 131 Gallery

131 Gallery Launches “REIMAGINING LANGUAGE”

Last week on April 1st, 131 Gallery launched their “REIMAGINING LANGUAGE” art exhibit at the Westport Library. The exhibit was the brainchild of artist, Lawrence Lazar. Several months ago Lazar reached out to 40 VISUALS with a concept of having his artwork displayed to cover several bookcases to provide a unique 3d look.

Printed Vinyl for Art Gallery Exhibit
Lux Vinyl Print for Art Gallery
131 Gallery Lux Vinyl Printed Art

After coming to us with the idea, we proposed a number of different options that could work including, Fabric Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG)  and Framing Systems, Printed Substrates, Sport Vinyl, and Lux Vinyl. The top two options were SEG fabric or Lux Vinyl to achieve the desired look. Ultimately Lawrence chose to use Lux Vinyl.

When viewing Lawrence Lazar’s artwork you will initially see shapes, but as you continue looking the shapes will start to become letters. Lazar had this to say about why he decided to create this new alphabet.

As an artist, I wanted to release the 26 letters of our alphabet from the page. So, using a lathe, I recreated letters by rotating them 360 degrees and freed them into three-dimensional space.”

The Lux Vinyl displays provided a very unique display, that will have visitors to the library re-imagining language through June 22nd.

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