McDonald’s Using See-Through Perforated Vinyl on Windows

By June 16, 2014 Uncategorized
McDonalds Storefront Signage
McDonalds store front signage.
McDonalds Store Signage.

McDonald’s Storefront Signage – Perforated Vinyl on Glass Windows

You’ve probably seen the perforated vinyl window signage at your local McDonald’s, promoting their new bold flavor items. Perforated Vinyl is an adhesive material that is applied on the outside of the glass. The perforated vinyl’s mesh-like pattern provides the perfect signage option for store-front windows, by offering high quality image resolution, while retaining the film’s one-way visibility. While being viewed from the outside, the graphic is displayed as a solid image with a slight opacity, but viewing the perforated vinyl from inside will make the window appear tinted, but still retains a see-through perspective for the viewer. Check out the photos above for a clear example.

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