10 Reasons Thin LED Panel Light Boxes are the Best Fit

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10 Reasons to get Thin LED Panel Light Boxes

With so many light boxes on the market it is hard to decide which one is the best for you.  Here are ten reasons why ThinLED Panel Light Boxes are the perfect fit for your light box needs.

  1. Even Illumination

If you are considering an illuminated light panel the first thing that you need to know is if it evenly illuminates the graphic. Our ThinLED light boxes guarantee that you will have consistent lighting from corner to corner. The frame’s construction ensures that illumination is dispersed evenly across the panel, even in the center with no shadows or banding.

  1. Color Temperature

The color temperature of your light panel dictates the color of light displayed and the brightness of the graphic. ThinLED Panel Light Box uses a light source that is near pure white with only a slight tinge of blue to increase brightness perception.

  1. Source of Production

If you want a quality product that is durable and meant to last, then you need to know where that product was created. You can rest assured you are getting a product that will last with our ThinLED light boxes. All ThinLED light boxes are made in the USA using only the best materials.

  1. Longevity

The ThinLED light box is the perfect long term solution for your light box needs.  ThinLEDs are rated to last at 100,000 hours and has a three year warranty.

  1. Heat Management

Comfortable to the touch. This isn’t just a term, but a must for light boxes. Heat management is key in the retail environment. Our ThinLED light boxes are constructed to diffuse heat with an ultramodern frame design that guarantees that it will be comfortable to the touch.

  1. Safety

To ensure the safety of everyone who visits your store, make sure that your light boxes meet the UL Standard of Safety. All ThinLED light boxes are UL certified and each light box goes through rigorous testing before it makes it into your store.

  1. Ease of use

Changing graphics for your light box needs to be seamless. The ease-of-use of our ThinLED light boxes is second to none. Ensuring your staff is capable of switching graphics without much fuss will help save valuable time.  Replacing graphics can be done in less than one minute with ThinLED light boxes.

  1. Brightness

There are a number of things that can affect brightness; light loss around the frame, reflective backer, and acrylic panel. ThinLED light boxes are designed to have maximum brightness. ThinLED only uses the best optical grade acrylic on the market, we have a 90% reflective backer and we block out the seams of the frame to ensure that no light leaks occur.

  1. Placement Options

The location of your frame has always been on the wall, but as the retail world changes, so too does the placement of your light boxes. ThinLight light boxes can be placed in unique locations, such as a fixture, with proper mounting equipment. This is all because the ThinLight’s frame is lightweight, durable and easy to mount.

    10. Custom Options

ThinLED light boxes can accommodate odd and large sizes, wire management requests, and custom mounting needs for those times when the standard options don’t work. We will work with you to deliver the best solution by offering design suggestions whether it’s fitting into fixtures on curved surfaces or lighting up an entire wall.