Nike Stores Prove Backlit Fabric is the New Duratrans

Frameless Backlit Fabric Signage In Nike Stores
LeBron Backlit Fabric Graphic for Nike
Frameless Backlit Fabric LeBron Nike Signage
Nike Backlit Fabric Frameless Graphic
Frameless Light Box & backlit Fabric Printed Signage

Nike Replaces Duratrans with Silicone Edge Backlit Fabric 

Nike stores are now displaying Backlit Stretch Fabric signage with Frameless Edge LED Light Boxes inside their retail stores.  This is more evidence that fabric is replacing duratrans and traditional Snap Frame Light Boxes as the most popular backlit application for retail environments.

Hard-sign backlit film applications were once the standard in retail stores and for years were quite effective in visual advertising.  But the problems with shipping and maintenance with this older generation of signage displays are unavoidable.  Advances in lighting, media and inks have made Frameless Edge Fabric Signage a leader in the retail signage space because they are easier overall.  The fabric is soft and safe to handle, without the risk of damage like older film products. It is also very simple to install.

Frameless Edge Light Boxes and Backlit Fabric have an aesthetic advantage over traditional products as well.  This is another reason that so many retailers have transitioned to fabric signage, from old school duratrans.

With sewn silicone edges, stretched fabric fits neatly over the perimeter of the frameless extrusion, displaying a smooth  graphic that’s uninhibited by a glossy polycarbonate face sheet.  The popular trend can also be seen in other retailers such as H&M, Johnston & Murphy and Cole Hahn, just to name a few.

These Backlit Fabric graphics feature some of Nike’s sponsored athletes such as, LeBron James. Each frame and graphic stands 4 ft wide and 10 ft in height equaling a massive visual presence within the store.

The Frameless Edge Displays are made of lightweight aluminum and each side is joined with a simple connector set.  The printed stretch fabric has a silicone gasket sewn around the edge of the graphic, and then fits into the channel around the frame, to provide a taut frameless appearance.  The result is a stunningly crisp graphic with vibrant color density.

The signage at this Nike store was not printed by 40 VISUALS, but if you are interested in putting large fabric graphics with frameless displays in your store, please Contact Us at 800-962-3119 to get started.