Oversized Wall Art Just Got Real

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Giant Wall Art Thats Starts The Conversation


BIG (bigwalldecor.com) has launched their site selling Oversized Wall Art Prints, and they are far from traditional.

Printed on a high-tech polyester fabric using a dye-sublimation ink process, the colors and detail are stunning. Unlike canvas or poster paper though, the prints don’t scratch, tear or fade. The material is so durable in fact, it can even be folded up for storage and transportation.

This is not your grandfather’s wall art.

Commonly known as SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics), there is a thin silicone beading sewn around the edges of the print that fits into the front of the framing. Once inserted, the print stretches tight and has a perfectly flat appearance.

The process is so easy that prints can be removed and swapped from the frame in minutes, without the risk of damage.

The finished result looks like something you would see in a modern art gallery.

The sturdy aluminum framing lets the image do the talking with an edgeless design. The frame depths are available in ⅝, 1” ,  2” and 4” Light Box for jaw dropping backlit images with black, silver and white finishes. All frames are easy to assemble and disassemble for storage purposes.

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Changing Oversized Wall Art Prints 

The problem with owning big printed wall art has been that the hardware is too cumbersome and the prints are delicate, so changing the print in the frame or moving with it is nearly impossible. Unless it’s an original painting, canvas and poster just don’t offer practical options for oversized wall art that won’t go stale. Because there is such a thing as stale wall art, something that’s been on your walls for too long and no longer reflects your taste.

Knowing that BIG artwork can be changed from the frame at any time relieves the long term commitment that most fear with big wall art. BIG encourages customers to “try-on” wall art/artists for awhile, see how they feel, and move on when they get bored. BIG makes change necessary.

Finally, huge wall art that’s easy to own.

(Curated for Creators)

BIG selects artists who use technology to enhance and express their art. Each artist thats featured on the site has their has a style that is uniquely their own.

For every sale made on BIG, the artist gets a share. By purchasing Wall Art from BIG you are rewarding the creative effort that made it. There is a digital signature from the artist on the bottom of each print as a badge to highlight the connection you’ve made with the artist.

Home is headquarters for your personal brand. What you put on your walls should mean something, a visual reminder of the creative powers of the universe. In an environment that fosters personal and family growth, wall art can have an extraordinary impact on life around you.

BIG has made it finally easy to own oversized Wall Art that impacts your daily life.