Music Instruments Made of Falconboard at Brooks Brothers

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Falcon Board displays at Brooks Brothers
Guitar made of Falconboard at Brooks Brothers
Printed Falconboard at Brooks Brothers display
Brook's Brothers using flacon board saxophone and guitar instruments

Retailers Getting Creative With Falconboard 

Retailers like Brooks Brothers are known for their elaborate window displays that incorporate all different forms of signage decor.  So we were intruiged by their newest spectacle that included the use of Falconboard. We LOVE this stuff…

Recently, we’ve seen the use of this reclyable substrate skyrocket in retail environments. Mostly because of its constructible properties, Falconboard is being used in a wide variety of ways by retailers including J.Crew and Bloomingdales

Printed falconboard at Brook's Brothers
Falconboard at Brook's Brothers window display
Falconboard printed musical instruments Brook's Brothers
Brook's Brother's falconboard window displays

In this case, Brooks Brothers printed musical instruments on Falconboard and contour cut them for a realistic shape. The perfect prop for a storefront display, AND it’s 100% recyclable.

Falconboard was developed by a company named Hexacomb and they sell through a distribution network to printers like 40 VISUALS.

We at 40 VISUALS are excited about the potential of Falconboard and will continue to share any our experiences with this substrate to give you ideas of what’s possible.

The signage was not printed by 40 VISUALS, but if you are interested in using Falconboard decor at your venue please give us a call at 800-962-3119.