Printed Falconboard Displays at J. Crew

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Printed Falconboard in J. Crew Stores

J. Crew is using printed Falconboard displays in their store windows to create a 3-dimensional presentation. 

Falconboard is a 100% recyclable graphic display substrate that is gaining popularity in point-of-purchase signage because of it’s unique composite structure. It works with common connective systems such as edge tape, plastic edging and routed channels to construct dimensional multi-piece applications.

Falconboard has a superior strength over traditional corrugated and foam board substrates. J. Crew utilized this by constructing printed cactus plants that were used in the display. This created a visual vibe in the storefront that could only be achieved by using a substrate like Falconboard.

If J. Crew is using Falconboard signage displays, why aren’t you? Give us a call at 800-9621-3119 and let us help you increase the effectiveness of your in-store visuals with Falconboard. The signage was not printed by 40 VISUALS.

Falconboard display J Crew window
Printed Falconboard J Crew
Falconboard printed J Crew Signage
Falconboard printed signage J Crew
J Crew falconboard storefront display
JCrew Storefront Display Falconboard
J Crew window display falconboard
JCrew Window Display Falconboard