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Printed Vinyl for Outdoor Brick Wall Mural

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Outdoor brick walls are boring and not often thought of as being an opportunity for large mural type signage. Painted wall murals are so cool, but way too difficult to manage. However, advanced vinyl printing technology allows for all of the same design possibilities of a painted mural, minus the hassle. 

At Foil Hair Salon, the side exterior of the building faces and busy road and is highly visible to people passing by. Foil wanted to use the wall space to make a statement to the community and provide customers with another wall to take photos of their finished hair. 

vinyl wrap brick walls outdoor textured mural wall painted print printed printing rough rap sign signage

They decided on a drip paint look with the quote “Life Over Likes” as a way to get people’s attention who drove by. The reaction has been a huge hit to say the least. 

“We get people honking as they drive by and others ask to take pictures against the wall, it has been a huge success in getting people talking.” Said Ross Ruiz, one of the owners.  

For the project we used an optically clear Vinyl for Brick Walls material that molds to brick when installed with heat. The finished result looks like the graphic was painted on the building rather than printed on vinyl. 

Printed vinyl for brick walls is gaining popularity now that it is so easy to produce and install. We recently completed a Brick Wrap Vinyl project for Krispy Kreme ,and notice retailers like Kiehls using Vinyl on Bricks also.

If you are interested in printed vinyl specifically for brick walls and textured surfaces, give us a shout at 800-962-3199 or click the link below to be contacted. 

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