Printed Adhesive Vinyl Wall Wrap for Lunch Room

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Adhesive Vinyl Wall Wrap Finished and Installed
Printing Adhesive Vinyl Wall Wrap
Wall Wrap adhesive vinyl
Printed Vinyl Wall Wrap Adhesive Installation

Printed Vinyl Wall Wrap for Lunch Space

Lunch rooms located inside office spaces can be a great place for printed signage that radiates a friendly vibeĀ  . Our lunch room is known for being the “Donut Room”. We named it appropriately after all the times people brought donuts in for birthdays, holidays or any other reason someone could come up with.

So we printed and installed a larger than life donut graphic on the wall. For this particular application we used a printed vinyl wall wrap. The graphic was put up in the three panels and once installed measures 140″ wide and 58″ tall. The Donut Room is now in full effect.

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