Printed and Wrapped Canvas for SHAUNS at Vision Expo 2015

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Wrapped Canvas Signage for SHAUNS California at the 2015 Vision Expo

SHAUNS California has teamed with 40 VISUALS to provide signage visuals to their retailers that promotes the emerging brand within stores. To do this, SHAUNS is using the 40 VISUALS’ Signage Management Software that manages active visuals throughout a network of retail partners. Recently, SHAUNS California displayed Wrapped Canvas prints by 40 VISUALS at their booth at the 2015 Vision Expo.  The sizes of the Wrapped Canvases displayed in their booth were 30″h x 40″w and 16″w X 20″ h.

SHAUNS California is an eyewear brand known for their passion for quality and design. Seen in publications such as InStyle, Lucky and Marie Clare, SHAUNS  is getting plenty of buzz for their chic designs. But what we love most is the brands one-for-one model.  Each time a pair of their sunglasses is sold, SHAUNS sponsors an eye exam and covers the cost of a pair of vision glasses for a person in need in a developing country. Pretty cool.

Printed on a 18mil bright white matte Canvas and wrapped over a 2″ thick wooden frame, Wrapped Canvas is a look that fits the SHAUNS brand perfectly. Also, included in the booth was contour cut Alu-Panel lettering of the logo that spanned 56″ wide across the booth wall, seen in the photo above.

The show was a success and the printed signage played a key role. We are looking forward to working with SHAUNS California on projects like this as they continue to grow their in-store presence.

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