Repositionable Fabric a Creative Application for Showcases

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Repositionable Fabric Takes Over 2015 Smart Show

The 2015 Smart Jewelry Show in Chicago featured several key exhibits that 40 VISUALS provided signage for, including Perfectly Pantone and Customer Types. Each of these exhibits were decked out in an easy to install repositionable fabric.

Perfectly Pantone, an exhibit ran by Larry Johnson Consulting, displayed vibrant products from makeup and coffee cups- to pantone color strips, matching the exact colors of the diamonds. “Add More Color to Your Life- Perfectly Pantone,” was the campaign slogan for the AGTA exhibit.

The design was created by 40 VISUALS own graphic designer, Phil Steffke. Phil worked with the Smart Show’s coordinators to help provide the exhibit’s message through printed signage. The idea was to have the illusion that paint was dripping from a paint can, all over the showcase, and dripping off of the showcases to the floor. The pouring paint can is measured to approximately 15″ w x 15″ h, and the paint pouring over the showcase to the floor measures to 50″ w x 22″ h. Paint splatters can be see as 8″ w x 4″ h in this Contour Cut Adhesive Repositionable Wall Fabric, proving how versatile and durable this application really is.

Repositionable Adhesive Wall Fabric for Show Cases
Repositionable Wall Fabric Interior Display Case Signage

INDESIGN Magazine’s Customer Types exhibit displayed six different customer types, all applied using Contour Cut Repositionable fabric. Each customer type displayed a character that was more than likely going to purchase a certain kind of jewelry. At the end of the show, the exhibitors were able to simply pull off the 15″ w x 35″ h easy, removable fabric without leaving any sticky residue behind, therefore not damaging the showcases.

Display Case Signage with Repositionable Wall Fabric
Adhesive Repositionable Contour Cut Wall Fabric
Display Case Signage with Repositionable Wall Fabric
Adhesive Wall Fabric Repositionable Show Case Display

Repositionable fabric makes easy applications for showcases because of the low tack adhesive backing and that it leaves no adhesive residue. The adhesive liner is already in place. Just simply peel off part of the liner, place the sticky adhesive backing to the chosen surface, then apply pressure. It is just that easy!

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