Backlit SEG Fabric Signage Lights Up Times Square Store

Store Signage Time Square

Backlit SEG Signage Takes Over Times Square in New York City

40 VISUALS recently printed and installed some backlit dye-sub fabric for the Citizen Watch store at Times Square in New York City. The SEG fabric graphics were displayed in Frameless SEG Light Boxes that were hung from the ceiling all over the store, including the window storefront where shoppers could see the illuminated graphics from the street.

Times Square in New York City is known for its abundance of signage imagery. Everywhere you look there are illuminated visuals trying to grab your attention. Backlit SEG fabric is definitely playing a part in that, as it’s being used by many major brands and retailers. SEG backlit fabric is steadily replacing traditional duratrans as the preferred type of backlit signage.

The premium weave fabric was printed by 40 VISUALS using a direct (newest generation) dye-sublimation process and color calibrated by Yellowcase. As you can see from the pictures, the color looks amazing when lit from behind.


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