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Silicone Edge Fabric Light Boxes for Tradeshow
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Larger Than Life SEG Light Boxes Steal the Trade Show

The 2016 GPU Technology Conference featured some extremely large Silicone Edge Fabric Light Boxes that measured 16 feet in length and 8 feet in height. These light boxes were the center piece for the exhibit, “Dreamscapes: A Collaboration of Nature, Man, And Machine.” These massive light boxes featured breathtaking panoramic landscape images featuring Daniel Ambrosi’s groundbreaking “Dreamscapes” artwork.

The images you see here are the result of an effort to scale up Google’s DeepDream software to operate on multi-hundred megapixel images. The artwork, which is the largest and highest resolution of its kind, was created by applying a modified version of Google’s Deepdream Neural Net Visualization code to Ambrosi’s original panoramic landscape images. You can see the technological magic worked here by clicking the photos below to view them close up. As you can see the park, seaside, and woods are alive with hundreds of tiny images!

Because the ultra high-resolution images kept crashing the open-source DeepDream software used to create these images, Ambrosi had to enlist the help of top-notch engineers; Joseph Smarr (Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google) and Chris Lamb (Senior Director of GPU Computing Software at NVIDIA). With their help, Ambrosi was able to see his vision come to digital life.

To bring his vision full-circle and to truly bring these images to life, Ambrosi enlisted 40 VISUALS to provide large enough light boxes and fabric prints that would match his ultra high-resolution images. After a series of samples to ensure color clarity, resolution and quality it was clear that 40 VISUALS was the perfect partner in this venture.

On Ambrosi’s website, Bottled Light Productions you can see more of these amazing works of art. You can also learn more about the unique process he uses to create his “Dreamscapes” artwork.

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