SEG Fabric Signage Covers Topshop

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Backlit fabric light box signage topshop NYC fashion retail printing

Unique SEG Signage Everywhere at Topshop in NYC

Topshop is a British multinational fashion retailer of clothing, shoes, make-up and accessories. With around 500 stores worldwide, you can believe that signage plays a big role in projecting the brands’ image in-store. 

The first thing we noticed walking into the 5th Ave. store in NYC was how large their imagery is. Even from the outside of the store the graphics stood out, signaling the brands’ fashionable appeal from the street.

printed signage storefront topshop niece retail fashion fabric SEG light boxes
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SEG Fabric printing Topshop NYC signage in-store retail fashion
Fabric printed signage retail tiptop NYC dye-sub grand format large visuals

The graphics were printed on a soft stretchable (SEG) fabric. SEG is short for Silicone Edge Graphics, which means the fabric was sewn around the edges with a thin silicone strip that fits into the framing system. SEG signage is best for large graphics like this, because it is easier to handle and install, which is probably a big reason why Topshop is using this solution in their stores.

The result was visual gold! The fabric was smooth in the frame and the graphics were striking, fitting Topshop’s fashion forward image.

SEG Printing Fabric Topshop Fashion Retail Light Boxes

Some of the large graphics were displayed in SEG light boxes and some were in standard (non-lit) SEG frames. The backlit wall behind the clothing racks was constructed using several light boxes as sections that were about 4 ft wide by 12’h. A very unique way use SEG fabric which enhanced the shopping experience.

Store environments like this make you want to buy. We continue to highlight how important signage is to the shopping experience by putting ourselves in retail environments where great visuals make an impact.  The connection that in-store visuals make with shoppers is powerful, which is why it has a bigger role in brand-retailer strategy.

We did not print the signage at Topshop but produce the same SEG signage products. If you are interested in using SEG signage please give us a shout at 800-962-3119