SEG Tension Fabric Signage at Tesla Car Dealership

By February 2, 2016 Frameless Fabric, Products
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SEG Tension Fabric Signage Used by Luxury Car Dealership

Luxury electric car maker, Tesla, is using SEG tension fabric signage to create a significant visual message inside their car dealerships. This particular dealership was located right in the middle of a shopping mall, no less. Selling luxury electric cars inside of a shopping mall requires an appealing visual presence that highlights the benefits over gasoline powered alternatives.

The SEG wall frames and printed fabric were put together in sections that looked about 8ft X 12ft and covered almost of the dealership’s walls. Also, there was a large double-sided SEG light box and backlit tension fabric hanging in the window that could be seen from both inside and outside the dealership. The light box was approximately 5ft x 8ft and stood out among other retail stores in the mall.

SEG is short for silicone edge graphics. Once the fabric is printed a thin silicone strip is sewn around the edge. The silicone edge is then inserted into a channel around the perimeter of the frame to give a frameless appearance, and because of the stretch properties of the fabric, it displays perfectly taut in the light box.

SEG signage is being used by some of the top retailers in the world right now including Johnston & Murphy, H&M, Topshop and Nike.

We did not print the signage at Tesla, but produce similar SEG signage products. If you are interested in using SEG signage please give us a shout at 800-962-3119