Signage Order Management Software Updates

By July 11, 2014 Uncategorized

Improvements to The 40 Visuals Signage Order Management System

40 Visuals is excited to release this new version of the Signage Order Management System.

We initially built our Signage Order Management System because our customers needed an easy way to order high quality signage that could be fulfilled and sent directly to their retail partners.  The Signage Order Management System has been used by many leading luxury brands since 2007 and has proven to be a valuable tool to help manage the whole signage ordering process.

Our experience of working with many of the top luxury brands has revealed the need for also managing  color consistency, timely reporting, on-time delivery and keeping it all within budget.   Many of our client’s marketing teams including brand managers, creative directors, marketing coordinators and sales associates have all given us great suggestions as to how to make their signage request process save time, provide better management tools and be even more cost effective.

The New 40 Visuals Signage Management Platform was designed with these great ideas in mind and should eliminate hassle through the entire brand marketing channel when it comes to handling signage requests.


Managers will find is easier to create new password protected users, admin artwork and media options options.


New user friendly buttons and search options. Seach the Address Book to quickly find store accounts or easily find them when placing an order.

Upload photos, view order history, and current graphics in the store on the new Account Profile Page. Easliy add photos of graphics after they are installed and refer back when graphics are ready to be replaced.

Enhanced visual ordering process. Graphics available for order are chosen from an easy to view image gallery.


All budgets have comprehensive histories displaying what orders have been deducted from the budget.

Users have the ability to export their budget history.

Administrators for a budget have permission to update the budget total, rename the budget and add users to a budget.

Budget admins and primary users can remove transactions from their budget.

When placing an order users can choose budgets in two ways; by entering a PO# that corresponds to a budget or by selecting their budget from a drop-down.

For more instructional resources please login and download the tutorial guide or call us at 800-962-3119