Managing Signage Roll-Outs for Brands

By October 14, 2014 Uncategorized
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Signage Roll-Outs for Brands and Retailers

Print signage is an important ingredient to a successful brand marketing effort, especially when it comes to rolling out new products and celebrity ambassadors. Brands who supply print signage to independent retailers and chain stores understand that most locations demand unique sizes and applications, making it challenging for brands to execute efficiently in a limited amount of time. Unfortunately in most cases, one-size promotional signage DOES NOT fit all.

Often, a signage roll-out will involve replacing graphics in hundreds, if not thousands of retail locations, all in a short period of time. This demands many separate size graphic layouts to fit the intended space within each store. It can be a complicated process if you’re not using the right tools.

Not only does 40 VISUALS specialize in print signage roll-outs, we have built an online signage management software specifically for this purpose. The platform helps streamline the process making it easy for the brands to quickly replace existing signage with a new advertising campaign. Not only that, all of the data such as sizes, artwork and location history is stored in one place for reference in future roll-outs.

Recently, we completed two major signage roll-outs for clients. In total, we shipped over 3,400 printed pieces to 1,772 store locations, all within a short window of time. Some of the large signage printed for the roll-out required installation so we coordinated that as well. The most amazing part is that there were over 2000 different graphic layouts needed between the different size and artwork requests. Accomplishing this extraordinary feat takes a team of talented graphics professionals such as 40 VISUALS

Signage roll-outs require intense planning and management that only an experienced team can provide. Combine that experience with our proprietary signage management software and brands have the resources necessary to execute major signage roll-outs in a short period of time. We take pride in our roll-out expertise and provide a complete concierge service to brands and retailers for this exact type of project.

If you are a brand considering a signage roll-out to retail partners, please give us a call at 800-962-3119. We would love to chat about our experiences and help guide you through this once messy process.