Soft Signage is Making Waves at Action Water Sports Store

Backlit Soft Signage light box SEG Sillicone Edge Graphics Retail graphics

Newly renovated Action Water Sports of Hudsonville, Michigan re-opened on June 1st, with a new look that encourages summer fun on the water. The signage provided by 40 VISUALS includes two large 60″ wide x 144″ tall LED Light Boxes and SEG backlit fabric graphics, also known as soft signage.

retail signage backlit SEG stretch tension fabric printing light box frameless edgeless large format duratrans
SEG signage printing dye-sub lightbox light box stretch fabric duratrans graphics design
fabric printing SEG signage tension fabric sign wall display
signage backlit fabric SEG frameless edgeless LED pop-up store shopping stretch fabric tension silicone edge graphics

Retailers are choosing Soft Signage over traditional backlit signage applications because of its convenience of assembly, handling and shipping.

The term ‘Soft Signage’ is used to describe the category because fabric is soft, and large graphics can be folded into a small package and handled without the risk of damage. When installed, the tension caused by the frame ensures the fabric lays smooth, simulating the rigid look used in traditional applications but without the clunky limitations. This new category is gaining popularity in many different arenas including some major retail outlets.

For this project, Frameless SEG Light Boxes combined with Backlit Fabric were an easy choice. Action Water Sports wanted something large in scale that would also compliment their brand imagery with high end photo quality resolution. This is exactly where Soft Signage is benificial. The final result left us with summer vibes!

If you are interested in producing soft signage for a store or event, please contact us at 800-962-3119 to get started!