Telling Shinola’s Story Through Signage

By February 1, 2016 Uncategorized
Adhesive Vinyl Wall Wrap

40 VISUALS works with luxury jewelry and watch brands throughout the industry. The newest of which is Shinola Detroit. Shinola doesn’t just specialize in watches, bikes, journals and leather goods; they specialize in selling pride.  

Shinola has a unique product line, but what makes them stand out as a luxury brand is their brand image. Shinola exudes all-American by being proud that their headquarters and factory are located in the heart of Detroit. Every facet of the brand from the products that go into the stores to the stores themselves embodies the idea of revitalizing American manufacturing. That is where printed signage is key, to tell the story that gives Shinola and its products meaning.

Framed Matte Laminated Photo Poster Paper
Shinola Framed Wall Poster Signage

The signage on the walls and in the display cases shows who Shinola is and what they stand for as a brand. They don’t use celebrity ambassadors in any of their imagery. They use their employees to help tell the story. Shinola believes in bringing employment back to Detroit and making Detroit a center of industry once more and this time through manufacturing luxury watches.

We recently supplied matte laminated posters that were framed for the Shinola’s flagship store. Each poster was of different employees at Shinola. Some assembled the dials, others could have been in leather or shipping. The employees were all different, but the story was the same.  Shinola is providing jobs to Detroit to help bring on the next chapter of American Manufacturing. Being surrounded by this imagery presented like family photos on the walls of their stores consumers get the feeling that buying Shinola is more than buying a watch, but buying into an idea of community, pride and tradition.

Adhesive Vinyl Wall Wrap Shinola Detroit

What can be learned by visiting a Shinola store is the power of signage to transform a space and tell a story. What feelings does your brands signage environment inspire? What story does your signage tell?

The authenticity of Shinola’s brand image is compelling to see as they bring back American manufacturing to Detroit. We here at 40 VISUALS are excited to help Shinola tell their story through the signage we produce for them.

“The Long Tradition of Detroit Watchmaking Has Just Begun.”